Affiliate FAQ

Can I make more than EUR 20 per sale?
Yes. We'll automatically upgrade you to Gold Affiliate status if your website sends us more than 10 qualified enrollments per month. As a Gold Affiliate, you'll earn EUR 25 for each qualified course enrollment. With more than 50 qualified enrollments per month we will upgrade you to Platinum Affiliate status, where you will earn EUR 30 for each qualified course enrollment. Those tariffs may differ if you register under a promotion
When do I get paid?
Commission payments will be mailed quarterly, within approximately 30 days after the end of each quarter.
Will visitors coming from my website have to enroll immediately, in order for me to receive my commission?
One of the big advantages of the LanguageCourse.Net affiliate program, is that we can track which website a client was referred from for up to 2 years.Many affiliate programs pay only commissions for purchases in the same session after the client was referred. In these programs you will receive no commission if the client was referred to the site and only decides to do the purchase one day later. The LanguageCourse.Net program however is different. With LanguageCourse.Net, if a client followed a link from your website and registers for the course a month later at our website, you will still get paid your commission.
Can I integrate the content of LanguageCourse.Net into my own website?
Yes, for affiliates with more than 500.000 unique visitors per year we can setup a customized integration, which will allow to present the content in the design of the affiliate. CSS, header, footer, sidebars can then be customized directly by the affiliate.
How much does it cost to join the Languagecourse S.L. Affiliate Program?
The Participation in the Affiliate Program is FREE. There is no charge for program setup or administration. If your site generates enrollments you generate income.
Who can join the Languagecourse S.L. Affiliate Program?
Every website owner, whether individual or company can participate. However, websites which promote violence, adult content or any illegal content, will not be accepted.
Can International Affiliates join?
Yes! We welcome Affiliates from all around the world from Boston to Beijing.
What defines an enrollment?
A qualified enrollment is defined as an enrollment that can be tracked as emanating from your link to the LanguageCourse.Net website. For which availability was confirmed by the school and either LanguageCourse.Net or the school has received full payment. Courses that are cancelled do not qualify for a Commission. On group courses of five or less days of tuition no commission can be paid.
Can I use the program to get discounts on my own course enrollment?
Yes! You can enroll via a link from your own website and benefit from your site's commission structure.
Who does all the work?
LanguageCourse.Net does! We consult clients, request individual information from schools, take the registrations, send registrations to schools, check availability of courses, invoice the client and pay you a quarterly commission. You only have to install and maintain your links properly using the code we provide.
I have more than one URL. Can I register all of them as Languagecourse S.L. Affiliate?
Important: You must indicate all domains from where you place a link to us in your affiliate profile to ensure a proper tracking of your links.

You have two options:

  • You can sign up once for all of your URLs. If you choose this option, you will see all of your earnings and traffic reports for all of your sites in one report. You will have one Affiliate ID, and there won't be the possibility for you to know which of your sites is generating the most sales.
  • You can sign up separately for each URL you own. This option will provide you with a separate Affiliate ID for each site you maintain. Most Affiliates prefer this option so that they can see the breakdown of earnings and traffic for each site. You will also receive a separate payment for each account. For accounting purposes, we will not combine payments from multiple accounts.
How does Languagecourse S.L. track orders from my website?
Our system automatically detects the URL from where the visitor has arrived to our website. If the URL is coinciding with the domains in your affiliate settings, a cookie is placed which will allow to track for up to 2 years whether the visitor books directly at our website. We automatically also detect visitors from any subdomains of your domains.
What happens if a visitor should have clicked on links from two or more different affiliates?
Tracking is based on the affiliate who generated the first click.
Sign up using our simple Affiliate Online Registration form.
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