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You can find detailed information about visa requirements by clicking here. Most of our clients do not require a visa to travel to their language school destination. In case that you should require a visa to attend your language course, the school will be happy to provide any document that you may require for the visa application process after the booking. For any further visa-related questions you should contact the embassy of the destination country directly. Generally, the embassy or consulate provides clear instructions on how to apply for a visa yourself without extra costs. In most countries, however, there are specialized companies that offer paid assistance throughout the visa process e.g. globalvisas.com. Please understand that we do not offer direct visa assistance and you need to contact the embassy/consulate directly for questions.

Working as a language teacher:
If you are interested in a teacher training course to prepare you for working as a language teacher we will be happy to assist you in finding an appropriate course. If you are looking for a teacher job, please note that we operate a reservation service for language courses and do not offer any teaching jobs.

Offering accommodation:
We only offer accommodation provided by our partner schools. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot handle requests from any third-party accommodation providers.

You can also read our FAQ. We will be glad to assist you with your planned language course. If you are not interested in taking a language course but have questions concerning visa requirements, working as a language teacher or offering accommodation please click here.

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