Learned Vocabulary not correctly saved

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Learned Vocabulary not correctly saved

Postby Francesca » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:51 pm

first of all, I really love this vocabulary trainer, thanks so much for providing it!
I however experience some problems lately regarding the saves of my already learned vocabulary. I learned the A2 spanisch-german vocabulary for a while, and achieved 93 % learned vocabulary without any problems, but when I took a look at the other courses, I lost all my saved vocabulary for the A2 course, it now says I have no words learned at all. Interestingly, my time and my collected points were still the same.

I didn't really bother as I anyhow wanted to start the next course, B1. But now there still seems to be an issue with saving my learned vocabulary. Over the last days, I was asked the pretty much the same vocabulary words repeatedly every day, and often even in the same lection. It however seems to sort the word into Box 1, although I clearly remember it being sorted into Box 2 before. It seems to me that every time I reload or reopen the vocabulary trainer, it forgets which vocabs I already learned, and asks me these again. Interestingly, now it doesn't set back the numbers in the boxes, nor the points, although it did set back the time to 0.00 again, whem I accidentally opened another course. It is getting annoying, as I don't make any progress by learning the same 30 words every day (however, I now know how to write salpicadura ;))

Another issue: When I get to the point where I am asked vocabulary, it only asks 14 words, not the 28 words I was presented to in the superlearning mode, and also the counter on the right-hand side jumps by 2 points each time I answer a word...

Is there any chance that these issues will be adressed?
thank you very much!

Re: Learned Vocabulary not correctly saved

Postby Greb » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:07 pm

Same with me. I have the same words repeated over and over. Sometimes the same word two or three times in a row.
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Re: Learned Vocabulary not correctly saved

Postby r2d2 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:33 pm

cool vocabulary trainer you offer, but the problem with the not saved vocabulary lists is still there!
Is there no support?
May be someone of the programming team will post something like "under examination" so we know that it is going on...
best regards

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