Historic Chinese Legends and Tales

A historic Chinese tale conveys its message to you by way of strange characters and exciting plots. Talking animals, magic, imaginary beings, dragons, and ghosts are just a few of the elements that may be used to deliver a lesson within the plot of a historic Chinese story. It is not unusual for a talking dragon or another creature to give you an escorted tour through a Chinese legend. In addition, many of the Chinese legends and tales we read today were not recorded on paper for hundreds of years. These stories were nurtured and kept alive simply by one generation passing the tale on to the next.

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  • Ten Chinese Tales : Read these ten Chinese tales that are concerned with the wisdom of man and its role in his actions.
  • Folktales Out of China : Discover lessons on wisdom, courage, and more learned by the unique characters in these eleven entertaining folktales from China. An especially memorable lesson is conveyed through the humor in the story The Gold Colt and the Fire Dragon Shirt.
  • Legend of a Mother's Love : The memorable ancient Chinese story of a grieving mother and her affection for a tiger cub. Loyalty, courage, and kindness are among the qualities displayed by the mother in this Chinese tale.
  • A Sampling of Myths : Fourteen short tales from China that contain humans who encounter challenges and situations that at times serve to reveal elements of their character.
  • A Collection of Stories : Over two dozen samples of Chinese tales featuring engaging characters and intriguing plots.
  • Familiar Storylines Revisited : Seven Chinese stories are offered including a few that are similar to well-known fairytales such as Cinderella and Red-Riding Hood.
  • A Look at Storytelling : Discover this variety of stories separated into categories of theme. The choice of themes includes: matchmaking, festival-related stories, stories particular to a certain time period, death-related tales and much more.
  • A Gathering of Chinese Legends : An interesting overview of the legends involving Emperor Huangdi.
  • Legends from China to Consider : Learn more about Chinese legends and the lessons that are communicated through the storylines.
  • Memorable Stories : A gathering of Chinese adventure stories, legends, tales involving magic, and more that make for an absorbing read.
  • The Role of Dragons in Myths and Stories : A revealing explanation on the appearance of a dragon in a Chinese story and its variety of meanings.
  • Stories for Children : Stories, folktales, and myths from China written in a way that children will understand.
  • Chinese Stories Kids Will Enjoy : Enjoy this selection of stories from China to read and discuss with young readers.
  • Stories That Paint a Picture : A wide selection of stories that are a significant part of the world of Chinese literature.
  • Memorable Folktales : Excellent examples of Chinese folktales with engaging storylines and characters.

Spending time reading these legends and tales is like taking a series of escorted tours through the earliest years of Chinese literature. Whether the story is teaching a lesson about character or sharing a piece of wisdom, Chinese tales are well worth a reader's attention.

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