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A.B.LE Spanish, Cordoba, Argentina
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City 3.0/5.0 
Organisation 3.0/5.0 
Facilities 3.0/5.0 
Social activities 3.0/5.0 
Course Quality / Progress in language 2.0/5.0 
Value for money --
Host Family 5.0/5.0 
Shared flat (apartment) 5.0/5.0 
Other 5.0/5.0 
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7. Feb. 2014
1. (24 years)  -  Germany
1. Spanish Immersion - 3 weeks

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Don't go in summer, it's too hot and the city is empty because everybody is on vacation. A lot of Germans. If you are German and want to make progress find another school.
Other comments
I didn't make a lot of progress during my stay as there are a lot of Germans in this school. Also the quality of teaching is very slow and we repeated a lot of things I already knew. Also I didn't have the impression my teacher was very motivated. If you really want to improve your command of Spanish choose another school. If you are there just for fun and do a project or volunteering the school is perfect and offers a lot of support.

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