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Total No. of Reviews: 51
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Overall rating
Dante Alighieri, Siena, Italy
(51 reviews)
City 4.7/5.0 
Organisation 4.5/5.0 
Facilities 3.7/5.0 
Social activities 3.9/5.0 
Course Quality / Progress in language 4.5/5.0 
Value for money 3.9/5.0 
Host Family 3.8/5.0 
Shared flat (apartment) 3.7/5.0 
Other 4.0/5.0 
Individual Reviews
8. Oct. 2001
51. Susanne (33 years)  -  Deutschland
51. General

Overall rating
Value for money
Detailed review
School organization
Facilities (library, classrooms)
Social activities
Quality of teaching / language progress

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