A2B IMMERSIONS, Montpellier, France



The language school A2B IMMERSIONS was founded in Montpellier, France in 2012. The school is located in the city center of Montpellier, one of the nicest cities of the South of France.

The school address is: 8bis rue André Michel, 34000 - Montpellier (France).

School Size:


  • Cafeteria

  • Kitchen for student use

  • Fridge for student use

  • Library

  • Daily press

  • Student support desk

  • Copy machine

  • Free coffee

  • Free WIFI

Classroom equipment

  • Electronic whiteboard in all classrooms

  • Heating in all classrooms

  • Ample natural light in most classrooms

Number of classrooms:


Number of public workstations:


Prices include

  • Organized activities
  • Internet access and use of school computers
  • Wireless LAN zone at school
  • Free certificate of course attendance
  • Language level placement test before arrival
  • Free assistance in finding flats for long-term students

Course material:

Generally course material is distributed free to students and will stay in student property.

Average number of students

  • Adult courses in summer: 50
  • Adult courses throughout the year: 50

Average age of students

  • in summer: 25 years
  • throughout the year: 30 years

Average number of levels

  • Adult courses in summer: 8
  • Adult courses throughout the year: 8

Minimum age of students

  • 18 years

French teacher qualifications

  • 100 % hold a university degree
  • 100 % hold a recognised language teaching qualification

Languages spoken by school staff (cannot be guaranteed by school):


Airport transfer

Best arrival airport is Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport (MPL). It takes 20 minutes to school.

Language school closed

In 2016 (including national and regional bank holidays): 01.Jan.2016, 25.Mar.2016, 27.Mar.2016, 28.Mar.2016, 01.May.2016, 05.May.2016, 08.May.2016, 15.May.2016, 16.May.2016, 29.May.2016, 19.Jun.2016, 14.Jul.2016, 15.Aug.2016, 01.Nov.2016, 11.Nov.2016, 24.Dec.2016, 25.Dec.2016, 26.Dec.2016, 31.Dec.2016


All prices in € (convert currency). Below the original school prices are displayed.
Note: All courses offered by A2B IMMERSIONS, Montpellier can be booked online with LanguageCourse.Net. In case a course is not listed above, just mention the course description in the comment field of the online registration form.
Lesson duration: 60 minutes
School's administrative fee: 60.00  €
Individual classes Single individual lessons of tuition can be booked at 30 €. The combination of group and individual lessons is highly recommended. Individual lessons will encourage you to actively speak the foreign language and will offer you the opportunity to discuss individual problems and weaknesses.


  • A2B Immersions is a language school which objective is to diffuse french culture and language. Therefore, we offer to foreign students who come to Montpellier a service of homestay accommodation. Homestay accommodation is the best way for a foreign student to immerse himself/herself in french life and culture. It is the most efficient way to discover a different way of life and to practice a foreign language in a welcoming atmosphere. Homestay accommodation follows specific rules since both parties are willing to communicate and share. We select hosts depending on the hosting qualities of their home, on the welcoming atmosphere to assure you a very pleasant stay. We regularly control and update the information on our hosting partners is order to satisfy your needs. Whether you are looking for a cultural immersion opting for a homestay, or in a private appartement or in a hotel, we provide the best option for you. Moreover, our housing service guarantee you the attribution of a place at maximum 30-minute-walk to our school, A2B Immersions. When students who choose to live at a french home, accept some basic rules, such as their host. During all your stay, a manager in charge of the accommodation department will listen to you and will organise a house transfer in case you are not satisfy. The different housing possibilities are detailed, however if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Details about accommodation during your stay Before travelling : after your registration, you will receive : - your host (address, phone number, email) - your accommodation description - information about your host - a guide line to live at a french home If others foreigners students are already living in your future accommodation, we will inform you. When you arrive : your host or someone of the team will come to pick you up at Montpellier Airport or at the station if it is necessary. Let us know at least one week before the day you arrive, the time and the flight number or train you come in. This service is free. When you will arrive to the accommodation, your host will show you your bedroom and will let you know the life rules in the house. You will receive the keys and he will indicate you the simplest way to go to A2B Immersions school.
  • Max. 1 student of each nationality possible? yes

Leisure activities

activity possible distance from school
Diving 6 km
Field Hockey  
Football (soccer)  
Golf 8 km
Horse riding  
Ice Hockey  
Mountainbiking 10 km
Sailing 6 km
Table Tennis  
Windsurfing 6 km

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