Centro di lingua e cultura italiana I Malatesta, Rimini, Italy

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Centro di lingua e cultura italiana I Malatesta

The language school Centro di lingua e cultura italiana I Malatesta was founded in Rimini, Italy in 1976. The school is located in Marina centre, seaside city centre.


  • Library

  • Balcony / terrace

  • Copy machine

  • Printer for student use

  • Free water dispenser

  • Free WIFI

Classroom equipment

  • TV in some classrooms

  • Heating in all classrooms

  • Ample natural light in all classrooms

Number of classrooms:


Number of public workstations:


Prices include

  • Organized activities
  • Internet access and use of school computers
  • Wireless LAN zone at school
  • Free certificate of course attendance
  • Language level placement test at first day of classes
  • Language level placement test before arrival
  • For junior courses: every afternoon free organized leisure program
  • For adult courses: a minimum of one free organized leisure activity per week
  • Free consultation about suitable college/university programs by qualified consultant
  • Paid assistance in finding flats for long-term students at

Course material:

Generally course material is distributed free to students and will stay in student property.

Average number of students

  • Adult courses in summer: 100
  • Adult courses throughout the year: 20
  • Junior courses in summer: 40

Average age of students

  • in summer: 24 years
  • throughout the year: 26 years

Average number of levels

  • Adult courses in summer: 6
  • Adult courses throughout the year: 3

Minimum age of students

  • 14 years
  • 12 years for specific Junior courses

Exams offered:

  • CILS

Average examination results:


Italian teacher qualifications

  • 100 % hold a university degree
  • 100 % hold a recognised language teaching qualification

Languages spoken by school staff (cannot be guaranteed by school):


Airport transfer

Best arrival airport is Bologna, Forli, Rimini. It takes 100 minutes by Train to school.

Language school closed

In 2017 (including national and regional bank holidays): 01.Jan.2017, 06.Jan.2017, 25.Mar.2017, 27.Mar.2017, 28.Mar.2017, 25.Apr.2017, 25.Apr.2017, 01.May.2017, 02.Jun.2017, 24.Jun.2017, 29.Jun.2017, 15.Aug.2017, 19.Sep.2017, 01.Nov.2017, 07.Dec.2017, 08.Dec.2017, 25.Dec.2017, 26.Dec.2017, 31.Dec.2017

Leisure activities

activity possible distance from school
Dancing 2 km
Diving 1 km
Golf 5 km
Horse riding 5 km
Mountainbiking 4 km
Table Tennis  
Tennis 1 km

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Centro di lingua e cultura italiana I Malatesta Rimini
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