Queensland College of English, Gold Coast, Australia

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Queensland College of English

The language school Queensland College of English was founded in Gold Coast, Australia in 9997. The school is situated in the heart of the Surfers Paradise shopping district, only one block from the beach.

Accreditations and Quality seals

10ELICOS Association

Classroom equipment

Prices include

  • Tuition

Course material:

Generally course material is distributed free to students and will stay in student property.

Average number of students

  • Adult courses in summer: 1
  • Adult courses throughout the year: 2

Average age of students

  • in summer: 5 years
  • throughout the year: 6 years

Average number of levels

  • Adult courses in summer: 3
  • Adult courses throughout the year: 4

Minimum age of students

  • 7 years
  • 8 years for specific Junior courses

Exams offered:

  • Cambridge Proficiency,
  • CEELT,
  • CEELT,
  • Cambridge Advanced,
  • sdfgsgfds

Average examination results:

55 at Cambridge Proficiency, 33 at CEELT, 99 at CEELT, 77 at Cambridge Advanced, 66 at sdfgsgfds.

English teacher qualifications

  • 11 % hold a university degree
  • 12 % hold a recognised language teaching qualification

Airport transfer

Best arrival airport is 18181818. It takes 19 minutes by 20 to school.

Leisure activities

activity possible distance from school
Dancing 1 km
Diving 2 km
Golf 3 km
Horse riding 4 km
Mountainbiking 5 km
Music 6 km
Sailing 7 km
Skiing 8 km
Squash 9 km
Tennis 10 km
Volleyball 11 km
Windsurfing 12 km
Other leisure options: 13Surfing courses, walking, soccer
Examples of social activities
organised by language school:
14Bush walking, theme park visits, 4WD beach tours

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