Understanding English Grammar

English is infamous as one the most difficult languages to master, as many people struggle when learning. Foreigners or natives who wish to become proficient in English need to develop a good understanding of the basic principles of grammar, so that they can communicate more effectively. Grammar sets the standard for the way the language is communicated, and it involves recognition of the role of words, as well as proper structuring of sentences. It combines words, expressions, and sentences in an orderly manner to make communication more comprehensible.

The single most complaint students of English face is the number of contradictory rules and exceptions in the English language. The language features more homographs, homonyms and irregular spellings than most dialects. It is often a word's multiple meanings or a word's same sound but different spelling that frustrate the learning process.

Students of the English language have to learn many different grammar rules to be able to express themselves meaningfully, and this requires proper guidance as well as constant practice. Here are some websites that provide useful information and tips on English grammar.

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Basic English Grammar for Foreigners

  • Free Grammar Lessons: A great selection of grammar lessons as well as tests, including tips on word usage and punctuation.
  • Grammar Guide: Tips on English grammar, including noun, verb, adjective, and adverb, as well as punctuation and spelling.
  • Basic Grammar: A comprehensive guide on the usage of English grammar.

English Grammar for Native Speakers

  • Grammar Links: Resource page with links to advanced grammar lessons and information.
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