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  • 1New York Transportation Network3.43.4/5.09 bẦu chỌn2745 clicks

    Offers information on city tours, airport transfer, hotel booking, and car rentals.
  • 2City Guide Magazine2.82.8/5.02 bẦu chỌn1304 clicks

    New York City weekly visitor guide featuring listings on entertainment, culture, and shopping.
  • 3A Three-Day Slice of the Big Apple2.82.8/5.02 bẦu chỌn1594 clicks

    Itinerary for the time-limited tourist to New York City. Organized for maximum variety, interest, fun, and efficiency of routes.
  • 4New York City Insider Guide2.82.8/5.08 bẦu chỌn2908 clicks

    Guide to New York City music, events, sports, and theatre.
  • 5New York City Guide Online-Reiseführer2.82.8/5.012 bẦu chỌn2224 clicks

    Viele Tipps, tägliche USA-News, Hotelkritiken, Forum und weiteren Features.
  • 6Essential Big Apple2.52.5/5.07 bẦu chỌn1893 clicks

    Vacationers guide to attractions, hotels, theater, and events.
  • 7MagazinUSA.com - New York City Guide2.22.2/5.011 bẦu chỌn1155 clicks

    Städteführer mit aktuellen Nachrichten, Insider-Reportagen, Hotels, Restaurants und Veranstaltungen.
  • 8New York City Guide1.91.9/5.07 bẦu chỌn1284 clicks

    Informationen über Sehenswürdigkeiten, Hotels, die Kultur und das Nachtleben in New York City sowie Reisetipps.
  • 9Falk Fetzer1.91.9/5.03 bẦu chỌn1059 clicks

    Professionelle Unterstüzung, Tipps und Hilfe für unabhängige New York-Reisende bei der Planung und während des Urlaubs.
  • 10New York Local1.91.9/5.03 bẦu chỌn1145 clicks

    Travel guide to New York with Jazz, music, Wall Street and Ellis Island information.
  • 11New York City Online-Reiseführer1.41.4/5.03 bẦu chỌn995 clicks

    Reiseführer mit Fotos und Infos zu Sehenswürdigkeiten, Museen, Ausgehen, Shopping und mit Gewinnspiel.
  • 12Paperless Guide to New York1.01.0/5.01 bẦu chỌn1009 clicks

    A guide to the city that never sleeps.
  • 13NY Flavor0.00.0/5.00 bẦu chỌn969 clicks

    Helping New Yorkers and visitors to experience the metropolis - to get the flavor of New York. Provides information on theater, tours, and resources.
  • 14Getaways from NYC0.00.0/5.00 bẦu chỌn1182 clicks

    Directory of directories. All online information about getaways from NYC-area in one place, in order of usefulness, annotated. Poconos, Berkshires, Hamptons, Hudson Valley.
  • 15Vorweihnachtszeit in Manhattan0.00.0/5.00 bẦu chỌn462 clicks

    Reisebericht von einer Woche im weihnachtlichen New York
  • 16LittleViews on New York City0.00.0/5.00 bẦu chỌn1215 clicks

    Tips on what to do in New York City. Explore New York at your own pace. Meet people and find resources.
  • 17Travel New York0.00.0/5.00 bẦu chỌn976 clicks

    Online reservations and information.
  • 18Cosmopolis0.00.0/5.00 bẦu chỌn1033 clicks

    Hotels, Reiseführer und andere Bücher sowie eine kurze Geschichte von NYC.
  • 19Lees New York City Guide0.00.0/5.00 bẦu chỌn980 clicks

    Guide for the occasional traveller to New York City. How to get around, how to use the taxis, information about restaurants, and unusual places.
  • 20New York Your Way0.00.0/5.00 bẦu chỌn930 clicks

    Creates reports recommending specific restaurants, shops, and attractions.
  • 21EP New York0.00.0/5.00 bẦu chỌn1068 clicks

    A guide to the stores of Manhattan by street and region , featuring Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue, The West Side, Soho, and the Village. Includes hotel, embassy, restaurant, museum, and hotel listings as well.
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Các đánh giá của cựu học sinh: (4 ý kiến đánh giá của trường ngôn ngữ này.)

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