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Origin of : The Arabic language can be traced back to the 1st to 4th century CE, and it is now the principal trade and communications language within the Arab States. During the Middle Ages it was one of the most prominent languages used for philosophy, science and mathematics, even in Europe, which is why we find many words within these fields with Arabic roots in the European languages of today.

Regional differences: Classical Arabic is distinctly different from the variations spoken outside of the Arabian Peninsula, where the majority of Arab speakers live. One of the main contributing factors to the variations is the influence of other languages spoken in the areas, but perhaps more important is the varying retention of different key features of Classical Arabic. There are various dialects of spoken Arabic, collectively referred to as Colloquial Arabic, which differ greatly between each other and from the written language. Even common words can differ greatly depending on the country you visit, on which languages have influenced the area and how the original Classical Arabic word has been derived throughout the years.

Language family: Afro-Asiatic

Native speakers: 310 million worldwide: Egypt (82 million), Algeria (40 million), Sudan (28 million), Saudi Arabia (27 million), Morocco (25 million), Iraq (22 million), Syria (18 million), Yemen (14 million), Tunisia (10 million).

Major dialects: North African Arabic (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), Hassaniya Arabic (Mauritania), Egyptian Arabic (Egypt), Levantine Arabic (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine), Iraqi Arabic (Iraq).

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