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Hong Kong

Most Popular Countries for Chinese courses

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Most Popular Cities for Chinese courses

Rating: 4.6

44 reviews
Top Destinations: Shanghai (city thumbnail)

Rating: 4.5

11 reviews
Top Destinations: Taipei (city thumbnail)

Rating: 4.5

101 reviews
Top Destinations: Beijing (city thumbnail)
Top Destinations: Kaohsiung (city thumbnail)
Top Destinations: Brno (city thumbnail)

Most Popular Language Schools for Chinese courses

Q Language
#1 Q Language
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Rating: 3.9

3.9 | 15 reviews
Taiwan Mandarin Institute
#2 Taiwan Mandarin Institute
Taipei, Taiwan

Rating: 4.7

4.7 | 7 reviews
SN Mandarin
#3 SN Mandarin
Shanghai, China

Rating: 3

3.0 | 3 reviews

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Key facts about Chinese

Origin of Chinese: The Chinese language originates from the Sino-Tibetan language, and texts from the Shang dynasty era indicate it was already in use 3000 years ago. It was the fruit of the government's attempt to unify the variations of the language present in the area. This attempt was mostly successful in the North, where Mandarin was and is widely spoken, whilst the mountains and rivers of the South have kept both people and dialects separate. 

Regional differences: Chinese varies more in pronunciation, especially when it comes to the consonants, than it does in vocabulary and sentence structure. This is especially clear when you compare the language in the North of China to that in the South. 

Language family: Sino-Tibetan

Native speakers: 1.2 billion worldwide

Major dialects: The Chinese language is often called the Sintic language, and is often divided into 7 groups; Mandarin, Xiang, Min, Wu, Gan, Yue and Hakka. These languages are found throughout Southeast Asia, not only in China.

Map with location of Language Schools for Chinese courses

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