US University Credits FAQ

Gain university credits from your home university by studying abroad!!

Who can gain University Credits?

You can gain credits if you are registered on an undergraduate course at an American university. Many US universities grant their student credits for attending language courses abroad.

Where can I study to gain credits?

Thousands of students a year go abroad to places all around the world. You can take courses in places from Europe to Asia. Where you can travel to and study depends on your school and the subjects that you want to study. You can find a comprehensive list of schools and the courses that they carry on our website.

Who is my first point of contact to get credits?

If you decide that you would like to take the fantastic opportunity to participate in a language course abroad the first thing that you should do is to visit your programme organiser and the international office at your university. From here you will be able to find out whether also your university grants credits for language course programs abroad exactly which criteria you will have to fill in order to gain the credits. These criteria vary from university to university.

How do I let the Language School know that I want to gain credits?

When you have decided that you would like to study abroad fill in our simple registration form that can be found on our website for all our partner schools. Before you submit the form make sure that you have filled in the section labeled Comments that this registration is to obtain credits and if necessary specify if there are any specific details/syllabus that are required by your university.

How long should I leave to prepare my course if I want credits?

Depending on how thorough your school wants the syllabus to be, should give an additional 4 weeks for your registration so that the school of your choice will have time to make your proposed syllabus and transfer it back to your school. You will also need some time for your school to approve your programme.

How can I get my transcripts and grades transferred?

Once you have come to the end of your course the school will normally test you to see what level of achievement you have gained during your time at the school. This will be your final mark and the grade or transcript that will be transferred back to your school in the US. Before the end of your course it is advisable to go to the school secretary and check that everything is in order and that they have the correct mailing address and department to send your grades to.

General Information

Most U.S schools require 10 class hours for a 1-quarter (trimester) credit, and 15 hours for 1-semester credit. Classes normally tend to be for 15-20 hours per week so giving 60-80 hours. Be sure to request a transcript or certificate onsite when you complete the course. Finally the most important thing is to have a good summer and learn a new language!!

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