Client comments

"I highly recommend booking with LanguageCourse.Net. Both my experiences booking with their service have been fantastic, their consultants are so friendly and helpful. thanks!"
Jacqueline M.(France, 24 years)
"LanguageCourse.Net provides great rates, is very friendly, quick with their replies. They really put the customer first."
Fiza A.(Netherlands, 39 years)
"Excellent website. Allowed me to make an informed decision; handled all paperwork appropriately, was very easy to use. Thank you."
Katura S.(United States, 64 years)
"Normally I contact language schools directly, but this time the school itself suggested to book through LanguageCourse.Net. I am very satisfied with the service of LanguageCourse.Net. I always received to the point answers and my registration was handled quickly."
Harm Jaap H.(Netherlands, 46 years)
"Good service, helpful. "
Piotr M.(Poland, 35 years)
"I chose them because they have really good information about schools in many places and are really good intermediary between the school and the student the first time you ask for information, and also their web page is complete and full of information about the schools."
Oscar L.(Mexico, 20 years)
"I liked the experience of LanguageCourse.Net, they treated me very well when I had some doubts, and the information on courses is excellent, I understood everything and I think the information was very clear. I hope to use this service again and thank you for everything."
Abrahan V.(Spain, 23 years)
"I had a doubt, a quick and precise reply helped me in my choice.
Having gathered information about all the schools, your site is the best place to start. You provide a valuable service."
Francesco T.(Italy, 36 years)
"Staff is very attentive and kind. I had some questions when I was filling out the information in order to sign me up for the course and I called the customer service. The man who I talked with resolved all my doubts and he called later to give extra information. "
Ignacio M.(Spain, 24 years)
"I think the service works really well. I have had experience with many online services and, hence, I had a lot to compare with. Your service was very good. Thank you!"
Inesa A.(Russian Federation, 25 years)
"I found all the information I needed on your site and, although I was a bit unsure of making a payment through the internet, the promptness of your confirmation reassured me."
Anne B.(Portugal, 36 years)
"I am very satisfied. I found more relevant information on your webpage than on the school\'s website itself. It is the cheapest offer. I\'m going to book my next course on your site soon."
Attila V.(United Kingdom, 41 years)
"LanguageCourse.Net is very cheap and the schools offered are very good (I did 2 courses : Malta and Barcelona). I think you can't book it cheaper than here. And besides this, the service of LanguageCourse.Net is very good. For all problems, you can call them and they will try to help you (and they can help you)."
Sarah R.(Deutschland)
"I found the page by accident, and although at first I was a bit dubious, the staff has been a tremendous help, both by telephone and email. I wanted to organise the trip myself, and the part of the course has been very helpful, with good personal attention - fast, friendly and direct. Thank you very much for all services rendered!"
Alejandro P.(Spain, 21 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"The site was very easy and fast to navigate, and there were no surprises or unwanted scam"
Micaela G.(Italy, 16 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"The experience has been very positive, both the assistance prior to and throughout the duration of the course have been clear and practical at all times."
Ivanova C.(Spain, 30 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
Jose Miguel A.(Spain, 37 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Very good service, information on the website reliable and true."
Alessandro R.(Italy, 22 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"I spent several weeks talking with Ruben de Haro, who was a great help the whole time! In March I intend to take another course and will definitely book again through LanguageCourse.Net"
María G.(Spain, 28 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I think it is hard to miss that you seem to be offering the best service in your field, with a lot of information. An excellent website. Thank you very much."
Gintas Z.(Lithuania, 52 years)
"I've booked two language courses now with the help of this agency and have never had any problems. What's more, despite it being an internet based agency, the telephone service is very efficient and will resolve any issue you might have right away."
Fatima P.(Spain, 23 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I chose this agency because it seemed to be a good value for the money and I was not wrong, the service was fantastic and I would not hesitate to contact you for future courses."
Cristian Pedro M.(Spain, 24 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"The website has clear information on it; later on in the process I had good support too, for example an email to remind me etc. "
Johannes F.(Netherlands, 51 years)
Translated from original in Dutch
"I was surprised by the speed and efficiency on the part of the agency when responding to my request at such short notice."
Maria Isabel V.(Spain, 49 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I was very confused when I started to look for an English language school on the internet. The supply is huge, and it's really hard to tell the difference. LanguageCourse.Net was a great place to find more details, and students' reviews. The booking was very easy and fast, and the people at the other end were very nice and answered all my questions. Thank you."
Inbal H.(Israel, 30 years)
"I really appreciated your excellent service--your website was informative, appealing, and extremely user-friendly! Your consultants were always responsive and answered questions promptly. I\'d happily recommend you to anyone enrolling in a language course."
Evelyn S.(Canada, 59 years)
"Your staff went out of their way to accommodate my scheduling and payment requirements when setting up my course. Without your staff's assistance, I would never have been able to set this course up in China. Many thanks!"
Dale M.(United States, 74 years)
"The website already contained reviews of other students that followed the course prior to me. I can only share their enthusiasm. It was a good choice to choose this website and this school!"
Manon M.(Netherlands, 45 years)
Translated from original in Dutch
"The service is very satisfactory. The staff takes care of you throughout the entire process. In addition, the school I attended, Club Class, is very good. I'm very glad to have chosen that school and to have booked my course with LanguageCourse.Net. Ruben has taken great care to resolve all my questions and small problems (changes, conditions, etc). Thank you!"
Monica F.(Spain, 29 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I really enjoyed dealing with you because there were no problems and you were a great help at all times."
Sandra B.(Spain, 17 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"People could choose a week of the program or a whole year. Everything was very clear. I knew that Wednesday was a free day and I had to go to school every day an hour longer. And the Internet test was also great. You did your work very well!"
Greet B.(Netherlands, 65 years)
"Very satisfied with the consultant who helped me, that is why this was my third language course and I intend to do another one as soon as I can. Very good value for money. Thank you so much."
Béatrice M.(France, Metropolitan, 62 years)
Translated from original in French
"The agent who assisted me throughout the process, Laura, was a great help."
Manuela S.(Spain, 19 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Everything perfect, you guys are like a Mac ... no problems. Thanks."
Jesus T.(Spain, 27 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Thank you, very quick to process my information and confirm my application, allowed me to compare various schools in various cities easily as there was standardised and comparable information available. I trust the ratings on this website. Thank you for your assistance and answering/responding to my email questions quickly. I will use your website again in the future when I look for another language course all over the world! The discount offered on your website is great too!"
Matthew L.(24 years)
"I booked through your agency because I had already used it the year before"
Maïdo P.(France, Metropolitan, 69 years)
Translated from original in French
"The service was efficient and I saved money!"
Mary M.(32 years)
"I found this site by accident ... and luck. The service rendered by LanguageCourse.Net was very satisfying and my experience abroad was perfect. Thanks."
Simona S.(Italy, 21 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Liked the choice of courses on offer and the fact that you get a little discount."
Strachan M.(42 years)
"I found the website whilst looking for courses to study French. I chose it to book my course as you gave a discount! Great service, thanks."
Leonor G.(France, 35 years)
"Thanks to all"
Lucianna G.(Italy, 31 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"I received great advice from your staff during the booking process and found an excellent language school in the end, thanks to your kind help. I will recommend your service to any student and any Austrian language teacher I know, so that as many people as possible are able to benefit from your great service. Thank you!"
Markus Karl K.(Austria, 34 years)
"Perfect, unbeatable prices and good service. Keep it up! Thanks!"
Patricia M.(Spain, 19 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"The contact person was very clear and efficient, I prefer your site to another under the same conditions because it was slightly lighter and gave more assurance on the form of payment."
Roberta C.(Italy, 32 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Cora Lee was really helpful."
Svetlana S.(Belgium, 29 years)
"A nice lady answered to my e-mails promptly :)"
Rachele C.(Italy, 23 years)
"A change of plans at the last minute caused me to need help late in the week to start classes the following Monday with no time to arrange it by myself. Your quick and successful response to my needs was most appreciated, and the school I was referred to left me with a feeling of great improvement in French as well as a most satisfying stay in Montpellier: the city, the school, the teachers, my host were all wonderful in every way."
Cameron B.(United States, 61 years)
"The LanguageCourse.Net agent has been excellent always efficient and resolving any issues raised. Congratulations!"
Montserrat G.(Spain, 41 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"... I would say that I certainly found the service very fast and efficient and highly trained operators on the organization of the various schools and also available for some advice. In summary ... completely satisfied!"
Roberto B.(Italy, 36 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"The consultant's advice was very good."
Birgit G.(Germany, 52 years)
"The reason I chose you is that on your site one can easily compare different language schools concerning price, location and how to find accommodation. That saves a lot of time and is very efficient. Thank you!"
Sebastian R.(Switzerland, 38 years)
"Ruben was very friendly. The course was full and he managed so that I could attend the school that I selected."
Paula C.(Spain, 22 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I found it very helpful to browse information from several schools in the same website. Cora Lee, my contact my agent, was very attentive and efficient."
María Elena L.(Spain, 32 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I talked with Mr. Cioffi Michele, who was always very helpful to clarify my doubts. Having found this site surfing the internet, so not knowing I was a little hesitant. But everything went well. Thanks again."
Valeria G.(Italy, 27 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Everything was perfect"
Juan A.(Spain, 46 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"My experience in all aspects has been excellent. The attention has been extraordinary and very fast at all times! Thank you so much for everything!"
Paula V.(Spain, 22 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"The site is excellent: it allows you to find quickly and effectively all that a person may need for your language course. certainly suggest it. congratulations and thanks! Linda"
Linda B.(Italy, 32 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Excellent rating for the Italian representative in the present and immediate feedback, availability and courtesy.
Salvatore B.(Italy, 41 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Very informative site without unnecessary information."
Denis S.(Russian Federation, 22 years)
"All very well organized"
Alice Q.(Italy, 18 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"The formidable and highly efficient agent."
Jose T.(Spain, 49 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Without doubt, if I repeat the experience of studying abroad, I will come back to LanguageCourse.Net. Whenever I had any questions or concerns the service was friendly and effective, of high-quality and great value."
José Manuel Z.(Spain, 24 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Great service to help find a school, thank you."
Julien G.(Switzerland, 25 years)
"Thank you very much! You helped me a lot!"
Svetlana S.(Russian Federation, 20 years)
"I really appreciate your excellent informative work and how you kept in contact with me both during the booking process and afterwards. Thank you for your effective assistance. That gave me a sort of security right through to the end of the course. "
Judit K.(Hungary, 49 years)
"It worked quickly, reliably, without any problems, I was informed about each step immediately."
Daniela D.(Austria, 47 years)
"I found the webpage by searching the Internet and chose it because it was the cheapest way to book a course abroad. The on-line service are very good. Before I left for my trip, I sent a few e-mails requesting information about the city and accommodation, and the response was always helpful."
Lourdes G.(Spain, 18 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I booked at very short notice (while underway from Cadiz to Genova) and was contacted regularly about my booking and where I could head for when I arrived. I felt very \"looked after\". Thanks"
John D.(Spain, 58 years)
"Site valuable and easy a special thanks to Michele Cioffi for his kindness."
Ronnie C.(Italy, 24 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"I researched immersion classes in Paris, and found the one I chose to be the best value. LanguageCourse.Net was prompt, courteous, and professional in working with me. Thank you."
Nancy A.(United States, 60 years)
"My trip to Malta was an amazing experience, the consultant who took care of my booking was very efficient and responded promptly to all my questions whenever I called her. The website provides detailed information on courses and schools. I chose the school Inlingua because I knew its good reputation in Geneva. I recommend the school to potential future students and I will keep great memories of this trip!"
Sandra B.(France, 41 years)
Translated from original in French
"LanguageCourse.Net has a high level of customer care, ready to respond to the needs of students."
Danilo M.(Italy, 34 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"The organization of the trip was very fast and without any problems. Once I arrived I found exactly what I had booked. No surprises, guaranteed satisfaction for everything : lessons, accommodation, atmosphere, meet with lots of different nationalities."
Alice L.(France, 23 years)
Translated from original in French
"Here you can find the best price for your course :)"
Lilyana G.(Bulgaria, 28 years)
"I`ve only had very positive experiences so far in booking with this website, as it really offers the cheapest rates (I compared) and the assistence is very good. The website gives you a good overview of different language schools, making it easy to compare and find the right school for you."
Dimitra K.(Switzerland, 21 years)
"Very prompt response and very helpful advice, would definitely recommend :D "
Marianne G.(Germany, 22 years)
"Excellent service. The many choices on the website allow everyone to choose something that fits them best. "
Martijn V.(Netherlands, 17 years)
Translated from original in Dutch
"Excellent site, excellent service, excellent service, excellent experience."
Davide C.(Italy, 17 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Excellent service, allows us to know the different offers language courses in full, without any effort! Thanks."
Marco C.(Italy, 18 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"I really like your website and I\'ll certainly check it again next year to find another language course!"
Maas R.(Netherlands, 24 years)
"Happy to have found LanguageCourse.Net Besides treating me with patience and in a friendly manner, I got quick responses both by mail and on the phone. If I do another English course, I know for sure which page to find."
Pablo J.(Spain, 20 years)
"All Great! I recommend it! I will book again another year!"
Isidro José R.(Spain, 20 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"The booking service was very good, and very helpful.I called them the first time to enquire how to fill-in my specific request in the web, and they were very helpful and very accommodating. No matter how late I called during the day, there was always someone on the other line who'd answer my call. Furthermore, I saw how fast they could be because I registered online on a Tuesday and had my lessons starting next Monday already! I will not hesitate to use them again!"
Maria Teresa B.(Switzerland, 45 years)
"It was my first trip abroad and it was really a great coincidence to find this site just 3 days before the deadline to reserve a course for my MEC scholarship ... Just 10 minutes after making the down-payment they sent me the signed form for the grant, it was very efficient. The experience there was great. It helped me to improve my English and was very rewarding on a personal level. I recommend this page and will come back and choose my destination here next time. Thanks."
Lucía A.(Spain, 17 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Great organization. it is a very simple website. besides, the prices are very low."
Francesco M.(Italy, 18 years)
"Great price, excellent information, and at least in Limerick, fantastic accommodations. I found this agency through a friend and I'm glad I did. I'll be back again next year!"
Ricardo G.(Spain, 20 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Everything was perfect, they even called me to make sure I had all the necessary information, and the best prices too!"
Sergio V.(Spain, 20 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Excellent assessment! Money well spent!"
Tatiana V.(Italy, 51 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Lorenza was incredible;) She was very helpful with my queries."
Leonardo L.(100 years)
"The booking service was very good, but also the service from the school was excellent! I had a great time and will definitely come back soon! Also Alexandria is very beautiful. I have been in almost all places in Egypt but I like Alexandria the most! "
Michelle L.(Netherlands, 18 years)
"The booking service was excellent and all information provided was clear and concise."
Ann Louring R.(Denmark, 56 years)
"All was good with the web."
Juan Pablo A.(Spain, 18 years)
"Fast, clear, friendly service. Keep up the good work!"
Brendan S.(Netherlands, 24 years)
"Will use you as my first point of reference in future."
Elmer W.(Australia, 64 years)
Jose Manuel Q.(Dominican Republic, 40 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I chose your booking service as you were the only ones who handle the school in Salzburg, the town in which I wanted to study. I will use your service again because your agents were so helpful, responding promptly to my queries, handling problems to my satisfaction. I will not only use you again, but will recommend you to my colleagues."
Pattipeg S H.(United States, 61 years)
"Very clear and concise instructions, I would certainly go through your service again. Many thanks."
Nadine A.(Australia, 59 years)
"Full assistance and support during booking, I didn't encounter any problems."
Konrad S.(Denmark, 28 years)
"I came across the webpage by accident, looking for courses. It was very practical with very useful information to help you decide which course to choose. And the service was equally good."
Rosa P.(Spain, 46 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I am happy that I found your website on the internet!"
Anton V.(Netherlands, 56 years)

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