Client comments

"Good service! "
Irene R.(Germany, 48 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"The booking consultant was very professional and answered all the questions I had about my program. Good work!"
Jerre S.(United States, 47 years)
"A very good organization ;)"
Aleksandra S.(Italy, 24 years)
"I believe you provide great service"
Simone B.(Italy, 30 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Dealing with you was excellent ... I had several questions during the registration process which were cleared up immediately and with the utmost professionalism. Thank you very much! Without a doubt I will come back to you to book any future courses."
Laura R.(Spain, 24 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Overall an excellent service. The website was very easy to navigate, and the consultants were very helpful. I highly recommend LanguageCourse.Net!"
Daniel R.(United States, 45 years)
"Although I did not know the site I found the service was a valuable help in the choice of school and an indispensable aid in organizing your stay. I found everything perfect. Available, fast and accurate! So thanks to Michele!
Giampiero M.(Italy, 39 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"The service was very good, I felt in good hands."
Beate B.(Germany, 25 years)
"I very much like this booking service!!! Because the consultants are good and helped me when I was booking my courses."
Lidia M.(Russian Federation, 26 years)
"With the advice and assistance on issues that I was pleased to see. I posted on your page because a friend had already written about it and the price seems to be favorable. Thank you!"
Philipp K.(Germany, 21 years)
"The service was easy to use, no problems at all."
Stephanie F.(United Kingdom, 47 years)
"The help provided by LanguageCourse.Net was professional, efficient, and also saved me money. I will definitely be using this site again for my next language course, and recommending to my friends."
James R.(United Kingdom, 26 years)
"I must say that the booking process was really easy. When I had a doubt of any kind, I just contacted the consultant (Claire) and she answered me as soon as she could. The website is really easy to browse and presents all the necessary information in a good way."
Felipe P.(Chile, 18 years)
"The contact person was very kind and resolved all my doubts."
Anna B.(Italy, 47 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Great website, I've already recommended to friends because it makes learning French in France so readily accessible."
Helen K.(United States, 43 years)
"All the online service was carried out with high efficiency and speed. I would not hesitate to use your services again if the occasion arose."
Yvon R.(Canada, 59 years)
"I would use your service again and recommend it highly. The women who helped me were very good.

Thanks so much!"
Judy D.(United States, 60 years)
"Very good contact with your services."
Nawal B.(France, 37 years)
"It\'s very easy to compare between schools, both in terms of costs and quality of their services."
Giovanni Walter V.(Italy, 30 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"The contact that I've had with the different people was excellent. They were diligent and very professional."
Mathieu A.(France, 42 years)
Translated from original in French
"MANY thanks to Maaike and Claire for all your help! I found your website accidentally while searching the web, and next time I want to book a course, I will do it through you of course! Thank you!"
Vasiliki P.(Greece, 23 years)
"No complaints at all, and the discount was very nice. "
Andrew L.(United States, 28 years)
"Very good site: convenient, fast and accurate service. The school I was recommended was really good for me. Altogether EXCELLENT."
Augusto C.(Italy, 32 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Teachers are so professional and show an infinite kindness and availability. I thank them for their patience, and I´m so pleased with the overall organization."
Federico C.(Italy, 24 years)
"The choice was accidental. I am very satisfied with the service. Especially with the quick answers to our questions. "
Pam K.(Netherlands, 57 years)
Translated from original in Dutch
"Wonderful website for booking a language course ! Can have also special discount and endless service!"
Yaju K.(Taiwan, 32 years)
"To all who enjoy New Zealand, Queenstown is FANTASTIC! The best is Milford Sound, it's really worth seeing. Great service and well organised. When travelling as far as NZ the important thing is that there should be no surprises, and everything went PERFECTLY! Everything was safe, everything was good. I loved the experience!"
Raul M.(Spain, 26 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"No surprises, no hidden costs. Contact staff extremely helpful and attentive. I am highly satisfied with the experience."
Francesco D.(Italy, 42 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"THIS IS THE THIRD TIME I am booking through LanguageCourse.Net and they have always treated me very well from Loreto to Ruben. They have helped me enormously. WITHOUT A DOUBT, I will repeat with LanguageCourse.Net, do not even bother to look to another website. FDO. ADELA FERNANDEZ ALONSO"
Adela A.(Spain, 36 years)
"The contact through the website and email went very smoothly... A real recommendation! Thanks. "
Esmiralda V.(Netherlands, 40 years)
Translated from original in Dutch
"Your booking service is easy and convenient."
Andrzej P.(Poland, 26 years)
"I found your page on the Internet. Although in the beginning I had my doubts about such web services, I decided to take a chance and I'm glad I did: the service was very personal; you helped me solve a paperwork problem I had; you were concerned about my comfort and the details of my course. And the price you offer is really quite economical! Thank you very much! I am definitely going to recommend you!"
Marta S.(Spain, 24 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Finished too quickly ... the most beautiful experience of my life!"
Donata M.(Italy, 23 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Everything went great. When I had problems you solved them quickly. Thanks for everything!"
Mª Luisa G.(Spain, 28 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I thank the guys from the customer support, Dear!"
Fabio N.(Italy, 24 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"The service was good. They always answered my questions and resolved any problems as and when needed. I'm happy with this agency and will recommend it to my friends. I will book all my future trips through LanguageCourse.Net."
Evangelina P.(Spain, 23 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Everything was great. Thanks."
Carolina M.(Spain, 22 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I found the agents were a fantastic help... your web support helped me feel sure of my decision... these are just a few of the reasons for my choice! No doubt I'll book with you again!"
Jose Javier P.(Spain, 27 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I have to thank both the people of LanguageCourse.Net as well as the people from Hansa Language Centre because they have treated me very well and were able answer all my questions as quickly as possible. The truth is I have no complaints. The website contains all the information you need to make a decision and the service is excellent."
David A.(Spain, 24 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Everything was fine and well arranged, thanks. "
Hans W.(Netherlands, 60 years)
Translated from original in Dutch
"Claire was very helpful and efficient."
Kessy Z.(United Kingdom, 31 years)
"I\'m very satisfied with the service I\'ve had. In particular with Ruben. Thank you very much."
Jorge G.(Spain, 46 years)
"Excellent service, outstanding personnel."
Gustavo Câmara C.(Brazil, 33 years)
"Everything was okay, the personal assistance was perfect, thank you!
I recommend this web to book a language course!"
Raisa C.(Spain, 20 years)
"I booked through this site because I could easily compare the prices of all schools. The only advice is to increase the numbers in order to give the customer a choice in Piampiano. The advice of Mr. Piccioni has always been fast, courteous, punctual and efficient."
Michele B.(Italy, 27 years)
"I liked how you work. Everything went Ok."
Kukhtsik V.(Belarus, 28 years)
"Thank you for the very friendly and efficient service. C. ZrN"
Christiane Z.(Germany, 45 years)
"Everything was wonderful! Keep up the good work. "
Benjamin L.(Germany, 25 years)
"I had tried to book the course through the school directly, which turned out to be very difficult. With LanguageCourse.Net everything went smoothly and quickly. The service was really good! Many thanks to the ladies, Tengs and Frank!!"
Julie B.(Germany, 26 years)
"With LanguageCourse.Net it's easy to compare the different language schools. You get up to date information and details."
Jörg K.(Germany, 28 years)
"I am very satisfied with your service."
Anna P.(Poland, 26 years)
"Good treatment and good information."
Judit V.(Spain, 26 years)
"The service is really useful and functional. The email response was prompt and punctual. Recommend this site to all my friends."
Alessia B.(Italy, 22 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"The site\'s very clear and easy to use. Certainly the next language courses with friends, I suggest. Angelo and Patrizio were extremely nice and helpful and have brilliantly solved a difficult last-minute booking. Thank you!"
Elisa C.(Italy, 42 years)
"It\'s a very useful website, there is all the info that I need, and I can simply register and pay for the tuition through the site. Very convenient and useful."
Hsing-an L.(Taiwan, 22 years)
"Everything was perfect."
Chloé S.(France, 21 years)
"I chose you because of the discount. But you are very kind. "
Tomoko K.(France, 99 years)
"Course wonderful and beautiful city, thanks! Angelo"
Angelo B.(Italy, 35 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"Very good. Cheapest and most convenient option. Thanks."
Joshua S.(United Kingdom, 24 years)
"Personally I felt comfortable and was helped by a gentle and polite person. Thank you."
Giovanni B.(Italy, 30 years)
"This programme is cheaper than the others that I have seen."
Rosa Maria S.(Spain, 25 years)
"Mrs Claire assisted me in all the steps of the registration: she is very efficient."
Simona C.(Italy, 40 years)
"The service has been very good. I contacted you thanks to a friend."
Mireia N.(Spain, 15 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"The staff, in this case Patrick, was always very kind and resolved in the moment the doubts, uncertainties and possible problems that, without him, I would not have been able to deal with in my poor English. So I have to thank him and wish him to continue because: Bravo Patrick! Without him, no doubt, I would not have done this course. Heartfelt thanks, Isabel and Lara."
Lara V.(Italy, 12 years)
"Excellent service, always friendly and immediate assistance."
Danilo F.(Italy, 25 years)
"Excellent evaluation."
Elena E.(Italy, 18 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"I chose this site because it was the best price. The consultant was excellent and always replied to my emails promptly which I really appreciated. I would just suggest that the website itself could be better organized."
Connie S.(Canada, 31 years)
"Thank you, it was great!"
Marta B.(Spain, 26 years)
"It was very easy and I enjoyed that great time very much."
Dominic B.(Switzerland, 20 years)
"They helped me a lot in choosing a school and finding an apartment (for me and my family), resolved all my doubts quickly and efficiently and kept me informed at all times throughout the registration process. Thank you."
Ana T.(Spain, 25 years)
"Well done! Thanks for your effort, helped me a lot :) "
Mateusz A.(United Kingdom, 21 years)
"This is the second time since last summer that I've come back to book Italian courses in the same school and through the same site - LanguageCourse.Net. Everything went well. Again this year, there were no surprises and the prices were good. The city of Turin is beautiful and so nice. Thank you for selecting this school "Italiano Porticando", very competent and pleasant."
Nicolas D.(France, Metropolitan, 37 years)
"I made a reservation with Patrizio and Alessandra, they were so professional. The web site is OK really."
Filippo V.(Italy, 20 years)
"Relationship quality very good."
José Alejandro A.(Spain, 18 years)
"A very good service that I will recommend and use again myself."
Marcus P.(United Kingdom, 40 years)
"The agent was very good. Mr. Ruben is very nice. I recommend this company to everyone looking to study a language abroad, it offers the best quality-price relationship around."
Sergio P.(Spain, 21 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"I appreciate the service we've had, every time we called we were treated very well! Loreto, Thanks!"
Minerva M.(Spain, 25 years)
"What I like about you is that you can reach them by phone and talk to a representative. I really like Maaike. She\'s patient and at the same time prompt in answering all my questions. I will definitely use LanguageCourse.Net in the future and will recommend it to my friends."
Cynthia B.(United States, 53 years)
"I have been delighted with language courses services because the agency solved my questions very well and very fast."
Almudena N.(Spain, 23 years)
"Everything was perfect, keep on going the same way!"
Ekaterina Z.(Russian Federation, 24 years)
"It was more staightforward to go through you, and easy."
Sylvia E.(United Kingdom, 47 years)
"Used it last year, and it works like a charm every time!"
Stian M.(Norway, 35 years)
"I\'ve had no problems, everything went well."
Ellen J.(Netherlands, 19 years)
"Everything was good."
Sophie H.(Denmark, 16 years)
"Good service from the Italian agent!"
Niccolò P.(Italy, 14 years)
"The work of all the consultants is very professional."
Alexey K.(Russian Federation, 16 years)
"When I registerd for a German course on your website, your staff did really well and was very quick. Thanks a lot!"
Takako O.(Japan, 35 years)
"Actually, very satisfied. It was a very pleasant experience."
Tobias F.(Germany, 24 years)
"Booking the course was straightforward, communication was very good. I would book another language course with you. "
Catherine B.(United Kingdom, 35 years)
"I found your website and the first time I called, I could not reach you, but I was soon called back by the Dutch consultant Anouk. We discussed what I wanted and how they could do it for me and organize it. And it was done well, nothing but praise! "
Donna L.(Netherlands, 57 years)
"Good value for the money. If one can choose between Spain and Cuba, go for Cuba! You probably end up paying the same amount or less coming from Europe AND you get to taste what Cuba is all about, while we still can!!"
Paul D.(Netherlands, 49 years)
"I was quite happy with the experience of using your service, especially when I had a query about not receiving information about the accommodation shortly before the course was due to start. Maaike responded very quickly to my email, and I am grateful that she sorted it out immediately."
Dorothy B.(United Kingdom, 73 years)
"Thank you very much for the help and assistance from Maaike.
All the best."
Nikita B.(Russian Federation, 15 years)
"I am really satisfied with your service. That is why I am booking my 5th course through LanguageCourse.Net I always can find very good quality/price courses here. Maaike (my contact) is really helpful and nice."
Attila V.(United Kingdom, 42 years)
"All my questions were directly answered, I like the selection criteria on your website which makes it easy to select the course etc."
Heike B.(Germany, 50 years)
"Very good. consultant spotted an error in my booking dates and contacted me straight away, meaning it was sorted well in advance."
Reuben B.(United Kingdom, 26 years)
"I have really enjoyed my month with you, great experience for an old guy like me."
Louis G.(Canada, 49 years)
"It was all ok"
Maria Giuseppina B.(Italy, 32 years)
"I definitely will use your service again and have recommended it to others."
Marianne S.(United States, 65 years)
"I liked everything! Thank you! You work fast and in a professional way!"
Natalia K.(Russian Federation, 28 years)

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