Client comments

"The information and service from the consultant and school are very good! When I had a question, they soon gave me all the information I was looking for. It was possible to switch to another level group. The teachers are very nice and they take time when you have a question. I was there for only one week but if I should have had more time I certainly would have taken more lessons. It was a very nice week!!!!! Thanks! "
Wendy S.(Netherlands, 36 years)
"All was perfect!"
Julie B.(Canada, 31 years)
"LanguageCourse.Net was a very helpful assistance while booking my course!"
Olga W.(Switzerland, 34 years)
"The information was clear. Easy consultation. Aida was patient and helped me to book and to make the payments."
Maria Battistina M.(Italy, 65 years)
"I wanted to attend a Turkish language course and I had only visited a school in Istanbul, but I intended to go to Ankara. I looked for some information in the internet and I found your web site, which was of great help... Thank you!!! I love Turkey, I love the Turks and I love the language (even if my knowledge of the language is not yet the one I am aiming at). IT HAS BEEN A GREAT HOLIDAY!!!"
Katiuscia G.(Italy, 36 years)
"Excellent and efficient"
Marie Helene J.(French Polynesia, 56 years)
"The correspondence was very fast and good."
Machiko S.(Japan, 20 years)
"I was satisfied with your service."
Beate G.(Canada, 46 years)
"The service was very efficient."
Sara L.(Italy, 21 years)
"Your service is amazing, I recommend it."
Simone D.(Italy, 28 years)
"No complaints about your service."
Richard A.(United States, 65 years)
"Just keep up the good work. The organization is excellent, so that even less experienced travellers would feel ok to go to China. I also felt really good in the host family, they were really great!"
Josée G.(Belgium, 38 years)
"Thanks to Aida, who assisted me during the booking of the course!"
Eleonora M.(Italy, 24 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"It\'s actually perfect the way it is!"
Sandra Margarete B.(Germany, 34 years)
"It\'s the best service."
Juan Pablo H.(Spain, 26 years)
"Your service is perfect."
Sergio C.(Italy, 64 years)
"Very nice contact."
Van Hoang N.(Germany, 30 years)
"I used you in the past and will do so in the future should I go on another language trip. "
Manuel Heer D.(Switzerland, 40 years)
"The calculation tool is very fast and a really good idea."
Beatrix K.(Germany, 24 years)
"The assistance was really good!"
Maria Jose T.(Spain, 35 years)
"It\'s the best that I have found, so I have no idea about how to improve it."
Sandra L.(Spain, 19 years)
"Everything was very good!"
Marzia L.(Italy, 25 years)
"Very good deal, money-wise."
Chui Fun Y.(Hong Kong)
"I really appreciated the consultant who arranged my program in a very short time... thank you!"
Yumiko H.(Japan, 51 years)
"A very good website where you can compare all the different schools and cities with different prices!"
Liz H.(Netherlands, 22 years)
"Everything was perfect."
Ewa K.(Poland, 18 years)
"Super tutoring! Thank you very much."
Katharina M.(Switzerland, 26 years)
"Everything was perfect!!!"
Franca B.(Germany, 24 years)
"I checked the internet a lot for language courses, but this site was the best. "
Gabriele R.(Ireland, 39 years)
"It\'s optimal!"
Dominique B.(French Southern Territories, 46 years)
"I am satisfied with your service. THANK YOU!"
Elizaveta G.(Russian Federation, 26 years)
"Everything was ok ;)"
Yulia P.(Russian Federation, 23 years)
"I am very satisfied."
Gregor V.(Germany, 39 years)
"Thank you for your help! :) "
Matina P.(Germany, 21 years)
"The service provided through the internet was excellent! Nothing to comment whatsoever, just positives!"
Simone D.(Netherlands, 34 years)
"I just want to thank you again for your kind assistance. \'Merci beaucoup\' for all the information and support. See you next time!"
Lisa-marlen S.(Germany, 21 years)
"In my opinion it's a good organization, and the people who work there are very nice and polite."
Luis Carlos R.(Spain, 24 years)
"In my opinion everything went very well."
Massimo P.(Italy, 66 years)
"The service and response I got from the consultant when I had questions before enrolling was really quick. Good!!"
Annemo Q.(Italy, 33 years)
"I would like to say thank you to Andy for helping me a lot."
Kaori M.(Japan, 24 years)
"The evaluations from students after they complete a course are an excellent tool. The discount for using your website is also a great incentive. It also would be wonderful if the website would include more cities."
Basil H.(United States, 31 years)
"It was all okay."
Lisbel D.(Spain, 23 years)
"In my opinion this agency is good, they informed me very well. I didn\'t have any problems with them. "
Ana Maria M.(Spain, 23 years)
"The Service was good and I will recommend it to others. There are other people from my work place who are interested in attending, so I will tell them about LanguageCourse.Net"
Gennaro A.(Bahamas, 36 years)
"Very good service, very fast and very friendly and helpful :)! THANK YOU :))!! I will choose you whenever I do the next language course and I already recommended your website to lots of other people!"
Sandra S.(Switzerland, 36 years)
"They do their best to help you."
Lonneke F.(Netherlands, 23 years)
"You followed up on my questions immediately and were very helpful. Thank you."
Lauren P.(United States, 63 years)
"Keep up the good work!"
John N.(United States, 74 years)
"Best organization"
Andrea F.(Spain, 26 years)
"It was all ok."
Miguel Angel L.(Spain, 23 years)
"Everything was fine. Keep it up and thank you very much."
Liane S.(Germany, 51 years)
"Best customer service and phone attention."
Raúl E.(Spain, 34 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Very good service; thanks."
Klaudia V.(Germany, 27 years)
"This service has been perfect for me. Clear, fast in asnwering my questions. Everything was okay."
Melissa S.(France, Metropolitan, 20 years)
"Keep your impeccable service, it is already good."
Yuji Y.(France, 27 years)
"Everything was just perfect, thank you very much to all of you. "
Julie B.(Canada, 37 years)
"Your service is very good."
Sara M.(Italy, 30 years)
"The consultants from LanguageCourse.Net were excellent, especially Loreto."
José Luis A.(Spain, 23 years)
"I am fully satisfied with your service. In particular, I really appreciated having just one consultant from the registration to this evaluation request. Thank you Anne Laure, you always replied to my questions on time."
Nathalie T.(France, Metropolitan, 36 years)
"I was very happy with your service."
Guadalupe Inmaculada M.(Spain, 25 years)
"Very friendly and competent. "
Friedrich S.(Germany, 58 years)
"Service is perfect! Thank you very much."
Ivan V.(Russian Federation, 22 years)
"Thank you very much!"
Olga Z.(Russian Federation, 22 years)
"Everything ran smoothly."
Maureen W.(United Kingdom, 38 years)
"You are doing a great job. I don\'t know what could be improved."
Joachim G.(Italy, 53 years)
"It was good."
Miriam P.(Spain)
"No problems whatsoever."
Thomas R.(Greece, 46 years)
"It\'s a good organisation."
Ariane Solene Luce D.(French Southern Territories, 18 years)
"Tanja`s work in the enrolment service was absolutely fantastic! Perfect!!!"
Tomaz Vicente D.(Brazil, 54 years)
"I would definitely use LanguageCourse.Net again in the future. When I was researching which school to attend, it was the reviews on this website that helped me make my decision. "
Curtis K.(United States, 38 years)
"I really liked the service and I am very pleased with it. Especially the fast email response from LanguageCourse.Net. They gave me information on how everything was progressing with booking, payment etc."
Martina H.(Sweden, 25 years)
"I think everything is fine."
Antonia Francisca Z.(Brazil, 55 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"I chose your website, because you informed me about which school was running the program. I really like that transparency!!!"
Christopher H.(United States, 29 years)
"They responded within the same day and were very accommodating."
Alberto M.(United States, 42 years)
"The service was very good. "
Alexandra V.(Netherlands, 40 years)
"Everything was fine"
Anna S.(Germany, 45 years)
"Everything was done quickly and perfectly"
Ulrich K.(Switzerland, 50 years)
Translated from original in Spanish
"Irene provided me with accurate and useful information. She facilitated the actual process of booking; as a result, everything went smoothly."
Paul K.(United States, 70 years)
"Great web site, really good support and no problem whatsoever during the registration. So one piece of advice, just continue like this."
Nicolas P.(France, Metropolitan, 22 years)
"Thank you for your support and help!"
Sonja H.(Austria, 37 years)
"Loreto is a really nice woman and she resolved all my doubts. Thanks"
MarÍa JosÉ T.(Spain, 35 years)
"LanguageCourse.Net answered my email requests very quickly. Thanks to this I was able to organise my trip to Cracow in a very short time and take part in a language course. From the time I decided to take the course, to attending the course itself it took only a few days and I`m really happy that everything went so well."
Annette S.(Germany, 39 years)
"I am very happy with your service"
Janusz K.(Poland, 43 years)
Translated from original in French
"Easy way to book. Convenient."
Anja P.(Germany, 24 years)
"Very friendly and helpful."
Petra S.(Germany, 44 years)
"Nothing to object to. The service was prompt and professional. "
Marietta L.(Switzerland, 52 years)
"I am happy to have found this internet page. Thank you very much."
Mun-ok K.(Germany, 46 years)
Edina N.(Germany, 54 years)
"I think you did a really good job."
Elise H.(Netherlands, 21 years)
"Thanks a lot to Nicola! Thanks to her efforts I had a wonderful week in a lovely language school with a great accommodation!"
Robert O.(Germany, 27 years)
"I was thrilled that I was able to register at the last minute. I loved the experience."
Leslie W.(United States, 53 years)
"It was a very simple system. Thank you so much."
Junko S.(Japan, 35 years)
"I think there is no need for improvement. Everything worked out really well."
Jeny V.(United States, 24 years)
"Everything was fine :)"
Johannes B.(Germany, 27 years)
"The customer service person was very friendly and helpful!!"
Elisabeth M.(Spain, 30 years)
"It\'s very well organized."
Elizabeth J.(United States, 19 years)
"A warm thank you to your team! The service was very good and very friendly! Thanks again for everything!"
Armin W.(Italy, 36 years)
"Thank you very much for your kindness. I think it's very good we can use this service. "
Ayako F.(Japan, 33 years)
"Continue as now."
Kerstin H.(No Country Selected, 52 years)
Translated from original in French
"The response was quick and very good."
Leah W.(Germany, 16 years)

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