Client comments

"The information was useful and it was all very helpful."
Stephanie (ann Margarete) E.(Switzerland, 18 years)
"It\'s good."
Severin N.(Switzerland, 22 years)
"Your service is excellent for finding and comparing schools. "
Olli J.(Finland, 59 years)
"The service was very good and very quick."
Barbara S.(Germany, 22 years)
"I got answers to all my questions very quickly."
Stefanie S.(Germany, 29 years)
"I liked the service very much - I booked very late and they still got me all the options I wanted."
Anke L.(Germany, 36 years)
"I was very pleased, and satisfied with the service, my extra requests were fulfilled fast and efficiently."
Kornélné N.(Belgium, 37 years)
"The service has been perfect every time; you can find a lot of courses and choose the best course at the best price. Furthermore they offer you special prices and discounts."
Núria P.(Spain, 27 years)
"What I liked about your service was the reference information from other students."
Elena E.(Spain/madrid, 36 years)
"I am really satisfied with the service and I think you have no other way to improve it. You have really done well, so I have already suggested it to my friends - and I will also do it again."
Federica P.(Italy, 22 years)
Translated from original in Italian
Alessandra D.(Italy, 26 years)
"Everything was good."
Sergio L.(Italy, 32 years)
"Was very satisfied with the service. Prompt, easy execution of forms!"
Elisabeth G.(Austria, 52 years)
"This site is very clear, simple and useful. The assistance from your consultants Tanja and Irene was excellent and very quick. "
Olivia M.(Spain, 38 years)
"Everything was OK"
Rebecca P.(Milano, 20 years)
Translated from original in Italian
"I really think your service is perfect, I have already told all my friends about it!"
Valentina B.(Italia, 25 years)
"I\'m perfectly happy and everything was superb!"
Inge F.(Netherlands, 35 years)
"THANKS a lot for arranging for me the individual one-week course with start date on a Thursday!! "
Anja M.(Switzerland, 37 years)
"I was pleased to receive a mail from Rogier whenever I needed any assistance. "
Marja V.(Netherlands, 51 years)
"Feliks did an excellent job as a consultant."
Christian H.(Germany, 41 years)
"All perfect!! Valeria, my assistant, was great!"
Davide U.(Novara)
"Good website, it really helped me in my final decision about whether to attend AUC or ILI."
Monica S.(Usa)
"LanguageCourse.Net is really a great service. Thanks for consistently replying to my many questions."
Scott S.(France, 24 years)
"Everything worked out fine."
Thomas B.(Denmark, 39 years)
"I was very happy with LanguageCourse.Net. The booking worked marvelously. The questions I asked were answered within one day, and the answer refered 100 percent to the question. Thank you very much! In 2006 I am going to learn Italian and I will use your service again!"
Franz O.
"Natasha did a very good job! She really did help me in a very nice and polite way. An outstanding performance! "
Dick D.(The Netherlands)
"The consultant is a very nice person and could always find time for all my questions. He did an excellent job for me and I am very thankful for his help."
Vyacheslav N.(Deutschland)
"I was satisfied with your prompt assistance as I applied at a late stage to join the course."
Alice Turnbull R.(Scotland Uk)
"All went ok!"
Joanna R.(Polska, 31 years)
"I was very satisfied by your service."
Markéta H.(Nové Město)
"Everything was fine. Thanks!"
Andreas D.(Deutschland)
"I booked via the Internet, I got a quick answer from LanguageCourse.Net."
Markus S.(Deutschland)
"It was perfect."
Vincenzo C.(Foggia)
"Clear and easy!"
Armando C.(Roma)
"Everything worked excellent!"
Sandra E.(Austria)
Raquel L.(EspaÑa/madrid)
"Everything was very good."
Melissa B.(België)
"Your service is fantastic... essential and sufficient! thank you!"
Adriano L.(Trento)
Translated from original in Italian
"The best service I have ever experienced in my life. I thank Feliks for his helpfulness, kindness, patience of almost two months until my son got the results from the course. I am not a man of sensibility, I understand good service as standard, but Feliks exceeded all my expectations, I'm very impressed. The best service in my life, thanks to Feliks."
Flach A.(Deutschland)
"I had no problems with LanguageCourse! "
Lena B.(Deutschland)
"Great contact, very friendly and quick."
Verena K.(Deutschland)
"Everything was very good. I was very happy, and if possible I would like to be there one more time !"
Olivia Del Carmen H.(Jalisco, Mexico)
"It was all VERY good! Thanks for this good contact, help and calls! I will book with you again!"
Katrin S.(Deutschland)
"Comprehensive and adequate."
Bernd J.(Deutschland)
"Good Service. Thank you very much. Well recommended."
Jasmin E.(Deutschland, 41 years)

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