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Most Popular Cities for Dutch courses

Rating: 4.9

8 reviews
Top Destinations: Amsterdam (city thumbnail)
Top Destinations: Rotterdam (city thumbnail)

Rating: 4.9

7 reviews
Top Destinations: Brussels (city thumbnail)

Most Popular Language Schools for Dutch courses

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#1 Study & Live in your Teacher's Home
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rating: 4.7

4.7 | 8 reviews
#2 Lingualand
Béziers, France
Study & Live in your Teacher's Home
#3 Study & Live in your Teacher's Home
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Key facts about Dutch

Origin of Dutch: The Standard Dutch as we know it today is a West-Germanic language derived from the dialects spoken by the Salian Franks in the 5th century. 

Regional differences: Most dialects are heavily influenced by Standard Dutch and are often spoken alongside the standard language. The most distinct dialects can be found in northern Belgium and in the Netherlands. 

Language family: Indo-European

Native speakers: 24 million worldwide: Netherlands (16 million), Belgium (6 million).

Major dialects: Standard Dutch, Barbantian, Hollandic,  Limburgish, West Flemish.

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