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Certificate in Proficiency in English / CPE (Cambridge)

General facts about Certificate in Proficiency in English / CPE (Cambridge):
The Certificate in Proficiency in English / CPE is one of the 5 Cambridge-Exams, which are to examine your "General British English". The Cambridge Proficiency Exam corresponds to the fifth level after the Key English Test (KET), the Preliminary English Test (PET), the First Certificate in English (FCE) and the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). It is necessary to study in a British University.
Similar tests:
Key English Test (KET)
Preliminary English Test (PET)
First Certificate in English (FCE)-самый популярный экзамен
Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
Very high (5) for Certificate in Proficiency in English / CPE)
Level based on European Framework: C2.
Examination dates:
March 2023: 04
May 2023: 06, 13
June 2023: 09, 10
November 2023: 30
December 2023: 02
March 2024: 02
May 2024: 04, 18
June 2024: 07, 08
November 2024: 30
December 2024: 05
Examination fees :
Fees vary depending on the examination centre.
Advance sign up:
About 12 weeks before the exam.
Structure of exam:
Reading (20 %), Writing (20%), Use of English (20 %), Listening (20 %), Speaking (20 %), proved by exam (extra date).
A-F (pass with A-C and fail with D-F).
Other infos:
Comparison of accredited language schools offering Certificate in Proficiency in English / CPE (Cambridge) preparation courses (prices based on 4 weeks courses).
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