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Excellence Award 2013

This Excellence Award certifies that the school mentioned below has received excellent ratings in customer satisfaction according to the LanguageCourse.Net review of language schools.

School:Hellenic Language School Alexander the Great
Address:25 Mavrommateon St.
Hellenic Language School Alexander the Great Athens officially received the 2013 Excellence Award.

Every year LanguageCourse.Net requests evaluations from more than a thousand language course students worldwide in order to honour language schools which provide outstanding services to their clients. As a result of these evaluations LanguageCourse.Net presents an annual Excellence Award to those language schools, which receive the highest customer satisfaction ratings worldwide.

Only the very best schools receive the Excellence Award and these schools alone have the right to publish the Excellence Award on their website and in their catalogue to certify that superior customer satisfaction has been acknowledged by LanguageCourse.Net as an independent organization.