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Guide to Executive and Business Language Programs

Language knowledge is an ever more valuable asset. Knowing foreign languages is no longer only a competitive advantage - it is a Must. In addition to learning the language itself, attending a business language course is one of the best meeting places for creating a network with professionals from different countries and cultures.
I. Comparison of the 3 different business course categories
  1. The Executive / Business Group Course

    Learn business language in small groups with other professionals (generally  3-6 students in each group)
    Benefit from group dynamics and share your experiences with business colleagues and build networks with peers around the world
    Take part in discussions and real life practice, such as role-plays, meetings, and presentations
    Frequently requires already some intermediate language level. In the case that a group course is also suitable for beginners it will be indicated on our website in the information of the school in the comment under the course name.
    We strongly recommend to  combine Group and One-to-One Courses. Individual lessons will force you to actively speak the foreign language and will offer you the opportunity to discuss individual problems and weaknesses. All our schools offer this opportunity.
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  3. The Executive / Business One-to-One Course

    Individual classes with one personal teacher just for you
    The fastest and most efficient way to improve your language skills
    Highly concentrated - from 4 to 10 individual lessons per day
    Choose from a wide range of business subjects, such as Finance, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Presentation Skills
    Generally available for every language level
    Especially designed for the senior executive who needs to gain special field knowledge in a short amount of time
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  5. The Standard & Business Combi Group Course

    General language lessons together with students from standard language course (generally  8-15 students in each group)
    Additional business language lessons
    Sometimes more economical than Executive / Business Group courses
    Frequently requires already some intermediate language level. In the case that a group course is also suitable for beginners it will be indicated on our website in the information of the school in the comment under the course name.
    This course may be an option especially if no other Executive / Business Group courses are offered for the desired destination.
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II. How to choose the right business language course
Most of our business clients seek to maximise the outcome of their language course, and therefore the courses we offer are, in general, intensive, with a minimum of 25 lessons per week. A common concern is whether one should choose a group course or individual tuition. For many, this is a question of how much you have to spend, and you may have to make a trade off between the cost of the course and the potential progress in the language. One-to-One Courses are without doubt the most effective way of learning, but unfortunately also the most expensive. When choosing individual tuition you have the possibility of adapting the intensity and topic of the classes according to your own wishes. The biggest advantage is that you are constantly communicating in the foreign language with your teacher, who corrects errors with direct feedback. One-to-one courses can therefore improve communication ability much faster than studying in a group.
Most schools offer a combination of single and group courses. Such a combination is not only a very effective way of studying but also a good deal cost-wise. The group courses are in general much cheaper than the One-to-One courses. The Executive Business Group Courses are offered generally in small groups, which allows all participants to actively take part in the class. The advantages of the group course are the opportunity to practice real life group situations through role-plays, meetings, and presentations.
III. The benefits from booking a business language course through LanguageCourse.net
The necessary business language competence according to your needs and wishes
The opportunity to meet other professionals from all over the world
Top quality language courses and accommodation at our most popular accredited schools.
Free consultation service, which ensures you receive in-depth information about the course and the school
Objective school evaluations from former students
Less time spent searching for courses - we have already done the selection process for you!
The lowest price available with online enrolment discounts for most schools
IV. References
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