7. What if I need more information?


1. Registration Process & Discount
  • How can LanguageCourse.Net offer a lower price than anybody else, even lower than the school itself?
    In the same way that airlines and tour operators pay commissions to travel agencies for each booking, also language schools pay commissions to agencies. Part of this commission is used to finance our service and another part of the commission is passed on to our clients as a discount on the school's prices.
    Our online registration process saves administration tasks. The presentation of the schools online (as opposed to printed catalogs) not only provides more information than you may find in a brochure, it also reduces costs significantly. These cost savings are lowered down to our clients. So you can benefit from a superior service at the lowest prices available.

  • Who can use the LanguageCourse.Net registration service?
    Everyone can use our free registration service. We offer language courses to individuals and companies from all over the world.

  • How does it work exactly to enroll for a course using your website?
    It is our objective to make it easy to both find the most appropriate language course and to enroll for it. At the following page you find a visual overview of the steps https://www.languagecourse.net/book-language-program-online.php

  • How is your website related to the language schools?
    Languagecourse.net is an independent registration service that works with a wide range of partner schools in many countries, carefully selected to fulfill our clients' needs and expectations. We are constantly approached by a large number of schools who would like to offer their language courses in our website. However, only the best language schools worldwide are chosen, to ensure the highest quality of the programs.

  • Are there any additional costs for booking on your website?
    Both the consultancy from our language travel experts and also the booking service Languagecourse.net is absolutely free for our clients. Unlike most tour operators or agencies, we do not charge any additional fees to the price that you would pay when booking directly with the language school itself. In addition, for most schools we even grant you a 5% discount on the tuition fees! Therefore when booking your course with us you can be sure that you are paying the lowest price for your language course. GUARANTEED. If you find a lower price for the same course we promise to pay you the difference.

  • Does LanguageCourse.Net offer a discount on all courses?
    Currently we grant a 5% discount on the official tuition fees of over 90% of the language courses that you can book online at Languagecourse.net. The discount is exclusively for clients booking on our website and does not apply to clients booking directly with the school. Some language schools objected to the discount that we pay to our clients from our own pocket. These schools are currently still presented on our website, but it is clearly indicated on the website that there is no discount.

  • Would I get the discount if I booked directly with the school?
    No. It is important to note that it is Languagecourse.net, and not the school, that will grant you the 5% discount. Only by submitting the online registration form on our website are you eligible for the 5% DISCOUNT on the school's original tuition fees. If you enroll directly with the school you will not receive the discount, and you will also not be able to enjoy the other Languagecourse.net customer benefits. In the final booking confirmation, the discount together with the pre-payment are deducted from the outstanding fees.

  • Apart from saving money, what other advantages are there for booking through LanguageCourse.Net?
    Enrolling with Languagecourse.net not only means lowest prices guaranteed and the largest selection of language courses worldwide. If you book with us you benefit from having a competent and friendly contact person and a powerful partner who may defend your interests against schools, in the unlikely case you should enter into a disagreement. We also offer support to our clients in different languages, so that clients who are not proficient in English may be able to communicate their needs, expectations and any doubts that may arise before, during or after booking a language course.

2. Is it safe?
  • Is it safe to book a language course through the Internet?
    Your personal data will be kept absolutely confidential. It will not be given to any uninvolved party. Only the school that you want to enroll with and the insurance company (if applicable) will receive your information. The submission of the payment information is 100% safe as it occurs on a secure encrypted site, which is fully protected against unauthorized access.

  • Submitting payment information over the internet
    The submission of the payment information is 100% safe as it occurs on a secure encrypted site, which is fully protected against unauthorized access. However, if you do not wish to enter your credit card details over the Internet you may also send them by fax, give them to us over the phone. Alternatively, you may pay by wire transfer or paypal.

3. About my course...
  • How are language schools selected?
    Schools need to fulfill certain criteria that ensures that they meet the students' expectations, such as being accredited by well-know associations or have a solid, experienced educational background that guarantees an excellent language travel experience. Only a small percentage of schools interested in being represented on our website, pass our thorough screening process.

  • How far in advance do I need to register for my language course?
    Unlike other agencies, we will also process bookings just shortly before the starting date of the course without any extra fees for last-minute bookings. Generally, we advice clients to book as early as possible, since the best accommodation options are normally allocated on a first-come-first serve basis. To ensure that you receive all documents on time you should book a minimum of five working days before the intended starting date of your course. However, we will accept your booking request even if it arrives on the last minute.

  • Are there specific starting dates for the language courses?
    For most of our schools, language courses start every Monday so you can take your course any time of the year. The starting dates are indicated below each of the courses. Specific starting dates may apply for complete beginners (students without any previous knowledge). Specific starting dates may also apply for special courses, such as exam preparation courses etc.

  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of my course?
    Yes. Schools will issue a certificate on the last day of your course, but regular attendance to the course is required.

  • How and when do I pay for my course?
    In order to guarantee your booking, a prepayment of approximately 20-30% is charged upon enrollment by Languagecourse.net. The remaining fees need to be paid to the school directly, according to the schools' policies. Most schools require payment of the remaining fees at least 4 weeks prior to the course. The school's payment details should appear on your invoice.

  • Do you accept registrations when  companies are paying  for the language course?
    Yes, we do accept them. Please enter your name along with the name of your company in the registration form, as well as the VAT number. The school will issue an invoice accordingly.

4. About my accommodation...
  • Can I book a course without accommodation?
    Yes. If you wish to do so, you can arrange your own accommodation and only book the course.

  • How are families selected?
    Families are carefully selected and controlled by the schools themselves. They have experience hosting foreign students and work with the schools on a regular basis. Homestay accommodation comprises not only of families but also of private homes with a couple or a single person without children.

  • When do I get my accommodation details?
    Schools normally send the accommodation details one or two weeks before the arrival. However, most schools require payment of the full fees in order to send the accommodation details.

  • Are students of the same nationality placed together in the accommodation?
    Generally schools will try not to place students of the same native language in the same accommodation. Some schools can even guarantee this! This is indicated in the school profile on our website. However, should you prefer to stay with a student of your same native language, just mention this in your application form, and the school will try to find an appropriate accommodation for you.

  • I would like to share the accommodation with my child who will attend a language course. Is that possible?
    Yes, several schools offer shared apartments for families or also the option to stay in the same homestay accommodation as the child.

5. What happens if I want to change my course or accommodation?
  • Can I make changes once I complete the registration form?
    Yes. It is possible to make changes once you have completed the registration form. It usually takes about two working days to receive the confirmation and the invoice so you can easily modify your booking in the meantime.

  • Can I make changes once I have received the confirmation and the invoice?
    Yes. You may modify your booking once it has been confirmed. Please note that some schools may apply additional fees for changes, and that the changes are always subject to availability. We will do our best to accommodate your desired changes. However, changes that lower the course price by more than 30% are considered as partial cancellations and a cancellation fee will be applied.

  • What happens if I have to cancel my course?
    In this case, you need to tell us as soon as possible so that we can inform the school immediately to minimize any possible cancellation fees. Most schools allow clients to postpone the course and therefore might not charge cancellation fees. Booking a language course with Languagecourse.net means you enter into a contract directly with the school. Please refer to our Terms and conditions.

6. About my insurance...
  • Do I need insurance?
    Booking insurance is optional. However, it is advisable to book an insurance that covers you for any medical emergency you may encounter during your holidays.

  • How can I pay for the insurance?
    To book the insurance, you will need to provide credit card details upon registration, as it is the only payment method accepted by the insurance company.

  • What is the difference between the insurance packages you offer?
    We offer two different packages. The more basic package covers you for any medical emergency, as well as your luggage. The second option also covers you for any cancellation fee charged by the language school. Please read terms and conditions.

  • When do I get my insurance card? And how?
    You will receive your insurance card by email, usually within seven days after you receive the confirmation for your course.

  • Can I change my insurance dates?
    You may change the dates, should you need to, as long as the insurance coverage has not yet started.

  • Can I change my insurance package?
    No. Once you choose a package, it cannot be changed.

  • I had to visit a doctor abroad, how can I claim a refund of the medical expenses from the insurance?
    You just need to fill in the claim form and send it to the insurance company directly.

7. What if I need more information?
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