French Courses


Most Popular Language Schools for French courses

Atelier 9
#1 Atelier 9
Paris, France

Rating: 4.3

4.3 | 264 reviews
Accord French Language School
#2 Accord French Language School
Paris, France

Rating: 4.1

4.1 | 220 reviews
#3 Actilangue
Nice, France

Rating: 4.2

4.2 | 78 reviews

Key facts about French

Origin of French: With roots in the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, French is a Romance language developed from the Gallo-Romance language spoken in Northern Gaul. It has been heavily influenced by other languages, mainly from the Celtic and Germanic language families, due to trade and the many invasions of the French region during the development of the language. 

Regional differences: Differences in language among regions

Language family: Indo-European

Native speakers: 76.8 million worldwide: France (60 million), Canada (7 million), Belgium (4 million), Switzerland (1 million), United States of America (1 million).

Major dialects: African French and Maghreb French (Africa), Quebec French (Canada), New England French (USA), Haitian French, Belgian and Swiss French (Europe) 

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