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Most Popular Language Schools for Hungarian courses

Inlingua Salzburg
#2 Inlingua Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria

Rating: 4.3

4.3 | 46 reviews
#3 Inlingua
Edinburgh, Scotland

Rating: 4.2

4.2 | 12 reviews

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Key facts about Hungarian

Origin of Hungarian: The Hungarian language has been spoken since the late 9th century and originated in the region of modern day Hungary. Though Latin was the official language in the region up until the 15th century, Hungarian was co-existing as the spoken language and can even be found in some official documents from that era. 

Regional differences: The dialects are very closely related, with the exception of Csángó Hungarian which is spoken in parts of Romania. Due to the isolation of the language in this region it has kept many of the original traits of Hungarian, traits that are considered archaic in other dialects. 

Language family: Uralic

Native speakers: 13 million worldwide: Hungary (10 million), Romania (1 million), Slovakia (500k).

Major dialects: Alföld, Danube-Tisza (between the two rivers), King's Pass Hungarian (Apuseni Mountains), Székely (Romania), Hungarian Csángó (Romania). 

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