Italian Courses


Most Popular Countries for Italian courses

Most Popular Language Schools for Italian courses

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
#1 Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Rome, Italy

Rating: 4.2

4.2 | 209 reviews
#2 ABC
Florence, Italy

Rating: 4.6

4.6 | 192 reviews
Centro Italiano
#3 Centro Italiano
Naples, Italy

Rating: 4.6

4.6 | 122 reviews

Key facts about Italian

Origin of Italian: Italian is, together with Sardinian, widely considered the modern language closest to the Vulgar Latin spoken in the Roman Empire. Modern Italian is a Romance language developed in Tuscany, and can be traced back to Dante Alighieri's Florentine writings in the 14th century. 

Regional differences: Differences in language among regions

Language family: Indo-European

Native speakers: 90 million worldwide: Italy (58 million), United States of America (677k), Switzerland (693k), France (656k), Germany (633k).

Major dialects: Tuscan/Florentine (Florence and Tuscany region), Neapolitan (Naples and its surrounding areas), Venetian (Venice), Sicilian (Sicily), Romanesco (Rome and its surrounding areas).

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