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Rating: 4.8

40 reviews|
5 schools
Top Destinations: Seoul (city thumbnail)
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Top Destinations: Busan (city thumbnail)

Most Popular Language Schools for Korean courses

Lexis Korea
#1 Lexis Korea
Seoul, South Korea

Rating: 4.3

4.3 | 28 reviews
Green Korean Language School
#2 Green Korean Language School
Seoul, South Korea

Rating: 4.9

4.9 | 8 reviews
Lexis Korea
#3 Lexis Korea
Busan, South Korea

Rating: 5

5.0 | 1 reviews

Key facts about Korean

Origin of Korean: Modern Korean stems from Old Korean, a descendant from the Proto-Koreanic language spoken in northern Korea. The Proto-Koreanic language spread to the south in the 4th century. The first written record of descendant languages is the Old Korean poems from the 10th century found on the Korean peninsula. However, the Modern Korean language was not standardized in writing until the 15th century. 

Regional differences: Differences in language among regions

Language family: Koreanic

Native speakers: 77.2 million worldwide: South Korea (48.5 million), North Korea (23.3 million).

Major dialects: Standard Korean in South Korea (Seoul and its surrounding areas), Standard Korean in North Korea (Pyongyang and its surroundings), Northeastern dialects, Northwestern dialects, Central dialects.

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