Private Language Tuition and Accommodation in Your Teacher's Home

One-to-one language coursesTake your course at your teacher's home and reinforce your language learning
With our programme 'Study and Live in your Teacher's Home' you will have the unique opportunity to be taught by your own private teacher, whilst enjoying the comfort of living in his/her home.  

Consequently, you will really get to live the language, as you will be totally immersed in the culture of your chosen country and you will fully participate in your teacher's social and family life.

The difference between this and other language courses is that the teacher will not just correct and guide you during the lessons, but he/she will be there for you throughout the day, beginning at breakfast and ending when you say good night. The learning process continues all day, and so it will enable you to progress rapidly.

Instead of travelling to and from school every day, you will be taught in a relaxed home atmosphere. As the teacher is able to react flexibly, he/she will be able to give you lessons which suit you personally, reflect your interests and meet your needs. You will not be in contact with speakers of your own language, as the only language spoken is the target language.  

Because of this, the programme, which is suitable for teenagers, students, professionals as well as for mature people, is regarded as the most effective way to increase language skills over a short period of time.  

All teachers are carefully selected and have a recognized teaching certificate, a university degree or an accepted equivalent. Therefore, they have the necessary education and experience for this special programme.

There is a wide range of host teachers, enabling the school to find suitable families for everybody. Their homes have been adequately inspected in order to maintain the highest standards.

Below you can find a detailed record of all available languages and locations.

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