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Study & Live in your Teacher's Home, Lisbon, Portugal
City 5.0/5.0 
Organisation 4.0/5.0 
Facilities 4.0/5.0 
Social activities 4.0/5.0 
Course quality / Progress in language 4.0/5.0 
Value for money 5.0/5.0 
Homestay 4.0/5.0 
Shared Flat 4.0/5.0 
other 4.0/5.0 

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Study & Live in your Teacher's Home
2. May. 2016
1.  (63 years) - Italy
101. Course:  Standard Programme Intensive - 1 week

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I was in the teacher's home, so my training was adapted to my level and capacity to learn.
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Clarify what time of day the teacher is really available to dedicate to you for learning. Total in the contract says 5 hours but is it morning hours, afternoon hours or after-dinner hours? or maybe split 2+3 h? For me this time it was after 5 pm and it was OK as I was close to a "cleaning lady" and did my best to learn and talk to her. Plus the evening hour, plus talking at dinner. But it can be good to have a clear idea of this as each teachers can have different availability during the 24 h day :)
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I put up my own expectations and required to see the learning plan from my teacher, what she intended to cover in 7 days. I did that on the 3rd day in order to see my learning road, which was not so clear on days 1 and 2.

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