Centrala Studiestöds Nämnden / CSN

  • General facts about Centrala Studiestöds Nämden / CSN: The National Board of Student Aid (CSN - Centrala Studiestöds Nämnden) offers study assistance to Swedish citizens attending long-term language courses / schools.
  • Conditions to get the CSN scholarship: The student must be a Swedish citizen The school must be approved by the Swedish educational authorities The language course must have a minimum duration of 13 weeks, 45 weeks maximum (26 weeks maximum for English) The language course must be of minimum 20 hours/week The language course must contain a final test or exam The student must be present in at least 80% of the classes European languages are to be learnt in Europe
  • Received amount / student grant and loan: he study assistance or CSN scholarship consists of two components - a student grant and a loan. The grant was a fixed amount of SEK 572 per week in 2002. The loan depends on which country the language course takes place, approximately SEK 1.500 per week. In addition you may apply for a tuition fee loan of SEK 1.350 per week and financial support for your travel to the destination.
  • Other scholarship resources: Spain: 1.518 + 572 = 2.090 per week
    Germany: 1.624 + 572 = 2.196 per week
    Italy: 1.439 + 572 = 2.011 per week
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