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Italian school in Bologna: A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee


Rating: 4.4/5.0

Via Santo Stefano 164 - 40125 Bologna - see on map
A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee - Brainstorming

What we like about the school

  • Private residence 5 minutes away from the school.
  • Additional private lessons are cheaper than in most schools.
  • Free assistance in applying to college/university programmes by a qualified consultant.

What we dislike about the school

  • Do not offer favorable cancellation terms in the case of a student getting a visa rejected.
  • Additional costs of course material of approx. 35-120 € per booking.
How we create the points regarding what we like/dislike about a school

Location: A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee is situated in the lively and historic Bologna, in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. Infamous for its food, culture and historical sites such as Bologna University, hailed as the oldest university in the world, the city has much to offer students and international travellers alike. The A.L.C.E. school is located in the city centre, a short walk from attractions such as the marvellous Giardini Margherita, Piazza Maggiore, the Fountain of Neptune and the Basilica of San Domenico. The school is well-connected for flights and internal travel to such cities as Milan, Florence, Venice, Verona, Ravenna and more, ensuring that students have all they need to reach their language goals, whilst enjoying the city and surrounding areas.

School facilities: The school's facilities are substantial, offering everything a student may need to reach their language goals. Facilities include a library, movie room, lounge area and a student support desk for any further questions or queries that may arise. The small number of students allocated to each group and classroom ensures that each student receives the individual attention needed, for their studies to thrive at Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee. All classrooms are equipped with televisions, heating, air conditioning and ample natural light to create an optimal learning environment.

Accommodation: Accommodation is available through the school in homestay and student housing, with a private residence available within a 5-minute walk of the school.

Accreditations and Associations: Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee Bologna is recognised by many international and national associations and organisations such as IALC, ASILS, CILS and more.
  • The language school A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1999.
  • Legal name / parent company: ALCE Bologna s.c.r.l.
  • Tax registration ID: IT02211551201
  • Abbreviated name of school: ALCE Bologna
  • The school is an official exam center
    The following language examinations can be taken directly at the school:

Italian Courses

General Language
Exam Preparation
Language Plus Activity
Specialty Courses
Information for all courses offered by A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee
Comments about courses

Books and materials fees depends on course duration:

- EUR 35 for 1-5 weeks

- EUR 65 for 6-12 weeks

- EUR 95 for 13-24 weeks

- EUR 120 for 25-40 weeks

The course material includes a self produced student text book, a elf study/exercise book and a weekly varied and exhaustive self produced workbook.

Lesson duration
60 minutes
School's administrative fee
50.00 €
Course material
Generally course material has to be purchased by the student. The costs of course material will be approximately 35-120 € per course level.
Individual classes
Single individual lessons of tuition can be reserved at 39 €. The combination of group and individual lessons is highly recommended. Individual lessons will encourage you to actively speak the foreign language and will offer you the opportunity to discuss individual problems and weaknesses.
Days without class
In 2023 (including national and regional bank holidays):
01 Jan. 2023 - 07 Jan. 2023, 09 Apr. 2023 - 10 Apr. 2023, 25 Apr. 2023, 01 May 2023, 02 Jun. 2023, 15 Aug. 2023, 01 Nov. 2023, 08 Dec. 2023, 25 Dec. 2023 - 26 Dec. 2023.
If a bank holiday falls on a weekday there is no refund nor are missed lessons recuperated. This is the case for the majority of language schools.
Level test
A test to assess your exact language level takes place at the school on the first day of the course.

Lessons needed per Italian language level

Level (CEFR)Level descriptionsLESSONS needed per levelWEEKS needed
(20 lessons per week)
A1BeginnerNo knowledge, or an understanding of only a very few basic words/phrases.A1 to A2804
A2ElementaryCan understand and speak about simple topics: i.e. family, shopping, hobbies.A2 to B11608
B1IntermediateCan speak about future and past events, give reasons and explanations for a situation.B1 to B21809
B2Higher IntermediateCan speak about abstract topics, produce clear detailed text on many subjects.B2 to C120010
C1AdvancedCan use language flexibly and effectively.C1 to C222011
C2ProfiencyCan express himself/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely.
Data above gives some guidance. For more details consult our page How long does it take to learn a language or reach a specific level.

Our price includes

  • INCLUDED Organized activities
  • INCLUDED Internet access and use of school computers
  • INCLUDED Wireless LAN zone at school
  • INCLUDED Free certificate of course attendance
  • INCLUDED Language level placement test at first day of classes
  • INCLUDED Language level placement test before arrival
  • INCLUDED For adult courses: a minimum of one free organized leisure activity per week
  • INCLUDED Free assistance in applying to college/university programs by a qualified consultant
Note: All courses offered by A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee, Bologna can be reserved online with LanguageCourse.Net. In case a course is not listed above, just let us know.

Videos & Photos

  • A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee - School Presentation1/8
  • A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee - General School Video2/8
  • A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee - General School Video3/8
  • A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee - Social Activities4/8
  • A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee - Student Interviews5/8
  • A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee - Student Interviews6/8
  • A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee - Student Interviews7/8
  • A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee - Student Interviews8/8
  • Brainstorming
  • Kitchen
  • Group social
    Group social3/23
  • Individual attention
    Individual attention4/23
  • Comfortable Lesson space
    Comfortable Lesson space5/23
  • Teacher explains
    Teacher explains6/23
  • Listening attentively
    Listening attentively7/23
  • Finer points
    Finer points8/23
  • Across the rooftops
    Across the rooftops9/23
  • classroom
  • Test of knowledge
    Test of knowledge11/23
  • Waiting Area
    Waiting Area12/23
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Student interview
    Student interview15/23
  • classroom
  • lessons
  • Office
  • reception area
    reception area19/23
  • ALCE School building
    ALCE School building20/23
  • Bedroom
  • Certificates
    Certificates 22/23
  • Accomodation

A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee (ALCE)

Accreditations and Quality seals
Italian teacher qualifications
100% hold a university degree
100% hold a recognised language teaching qualification
Languages spoken by school staff (cannot be guaranteed by school)
First day of course
Written and oral level test is performed. Students should arrive at 8:45
School Size
Offer for returning students
You will be refunded/waived the school's administration fee If you already attended previously a course at A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee and you book here.
Payment methods accepted for payments made directly to the school
Bank Transfer - logo

General school facilities

  • Fridge for student use

  • Library

  • Movie rental

  • Movie room

  • Lounge

  • Student support desk

  • Copy machine

  • Free water dispenser

  • Free WIFI

  • Classroom equipment

    • TV in all classrooms

    • Air conditioning in all classrooms

    • Heating in all classrooms

    • Ample natural light in all classrooms

    Number of classrooms: 13
    Number of public PC workstations: 6

Additional comment about facilities of school

Classrooms with modern devices (projectors/flat screens) Professional kitchen for cooking classes Classroom designed for wine tasting sessions with AIS sommeliers (national official association) Soundproof recording studio for movie, video dubbing and vocal recording

Student Age / Nationality

Average number of students
In summer: 45
Throughout the year: 30
Minimum age of students
17 years
Average number of levels
Adult courses In summer: 5
Adult courses Throughout the year: 5
Average age of students
In summer: 21 years
Throughout the year: 26 years

Top student nationalities

Age of students

Airport transfer

Optional airport transfer
Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport:
50 € one way
100 € return (both ways)
Best arrival airport is Guglielmo Marconi (BLQ).
More information about airports around Bologna and how to get from the airport to Bologna on your own here on our Bologna page.

Visa Documents

Nationals from Bulgaria do not require a visa for travelling to Italy and attending a language course.
Check visa requirements for nationals from other countries.
Nationals from countries that require a visa will receive documents from the school, related to booking confirmation, which is required for the visa application.
Full payment of all fees required before school dispatches documents required for visa application
Express shipment fee (via courier)
80 €
Free shipment via regular mail

Leisure activities

activity possibledistance from school
Ballet1 km
Basketball1 km
Dancing1 km
Football (soccer)1 km
Horse riding5 km
Mountainbiking5 km
Music1 km
Skiing100 km
Squash1 km
Swimming1 km
Tennis1 km
Yoga1 km

Examples of leisure activities organized by the school

Adults - Free activities

Most of these activities are FREE (students must pay only the entrance or train tickets for full-day excursions): Italian cinema Guided walking tours of Bologna Bologna "sotterranea" - underground waterways and hidden attractions Guided visits to Museums and Galleries Dinner at typical restaurant Video Film and "castagne arrosto" Welcome/Ssummer/Christmas parties Trivial Pursuit in Italian Quiz night Wine tasting session Ice skating tea and hot chocolate afternoon with table games Bologna being a university city, offers many activities/sports in the city centre.

Adults - Paid activities

Wine tasting session Cooking classes at school with professionals
Videos about leisure activities at A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee Bologna




Rating: 4.4/5.0

Overall school rating of
A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee, Bologna
44 authentic ratings from students who reserved with us
Overall city rating

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Location of the school

Rating: 4.6/5.0


Rating: 4.3/5.0


Rating: 4.0/5.0

Social activities

Rating: 3.9/5.0

Quality of teaching

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Value for money

Rating: 4.3/5.0


Rating: 3.1/5.0

Shared Flat (apartment)

Rating: 3.8/5.0


Student Testimonial Videos

Note: The video testimonials of students from A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee have been provided by the school and schools do not usually publish negative testimonials. For uncensored reviews read the comments from our students.


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Map of public transport systemBologna Public Transport Map
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More information about Bologna including climate data and events on our Bologna page with a list of all 7 Italian schools in Bologna.

FAQ about A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee, Bologna

  • Italian courses at A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee start at 200 € for DITALS Teacher Training Preparation Course course with 13 lessons per week. When booking here you get the guaranteed best price.
  • The accommodation Bilbo / Frodo House is the most popular among all our clients of Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee
  • Yes. The following courses can be attended as an absolute beginner: Intensive Course, Super Intensive Course, Combined (20 group + 10 individual), Combined (20 group + 5 individual)
  • Yes. The school offers pickup from Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (50 €)
  • Depending on the chosen course, the maximum number of students at Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee varies from 1 students (One to One 10) to 8 students (Intensive Course)
  • 100% of teachers at A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee hold a university degree. 100% hold a recognized language teaching certificate.
  • The highest Nationality percentage at A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee comes from Switzerland with a 16% representation, followed by students from Germany (11%) and USA (7%).
  • A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee offers courses from 17 years to 99. Average age is 21 during the summer and 26 for the rest of the year.


A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee Brochure (PDF)
A.L.C.E. Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee Brochure (PDF)
 Accommodation (PDF)
Accommodation (PDF)

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