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ABC College of EnglishQueenstown, New Zealand

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Price at School 415NZD
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What we like about the school
  • Conveniently located in the centre of Queenstown, across from Queenstown Gardens and close to the shops, banks and bus stop.
  • Ability to combine English language learning and an adventure activity experience such as snowboarding.
  • Best rated school in New Zealand
  • E-learning platform.
Location of the school

Rating: 4.0/5.0


Rating: 3.0/5.0

Social activities

Rating: 5.0/5.0


Rating: 4.0/5.0

Quality of teaching

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Value for money

Rating: 4.0/5.0


Rating: 5.0/5.0

ABC College of English Queenstown promotes Queenstown as a special place in beautiful New Zealand. The school advises that the crystal clear waters of Lake Wakatipu, and the stunning mountains that surround it, make the experience of living and studying in the city unforgettable. They also promote that the freedom and friendliness of the people in addition to the fantastic landscapes, make Queenstown an essential place to visit in NZ.

Location: ABC College of English Queenstown is located in the city of Queenstown, on the banks of Lake Wakatipu, on New Zealand's South Island. The school is located in the heart of Queenstown, with many eateries, bars and interesting venues nearby. Attractions within walking distance of the school include Queenstown Bay Beach, several extreme sports venues such as Shotover Canyon Swing, iFLY Indoor Skydiving and green areas such as Queenstown Gardens. There are also various supermarkets, amenities and links to public transport nearby. The popular Queenstown Bay is a 3-minute walk from the school and has fantastic views of the mountains and Lake Wakatipu.

Getting around: The closest bus station is just a 3-minute walk from the school. Queenstown Airport is only a 20-minute bus ride away.

Course selection In addition to General English programmes available to students of all levels, taught over various schedules and intensities, the school also provides Business English, Exam Preparation (FCE, IELTS) and combination courses of English with subjects such as Ski/Snowboarding, Golf, work placements, volunteer programmes and additional sporting activities.
  • The language school ABC College of English was founded in Queenstown, New Zealand in 1994.
  • Legal name / parent company: ABC College of English Ltd.
  • Tax registration ID: GST013-560-657
  • Abbreviated name of school: ABC Queenstown

English Courses

General Language

Our price includes

  • INCLUDED Organized activities
  • INCLUDED Wireless LAN zone at school
  • INCLUDED Free certificate of course attendance
  • INCLUDED Language level placement test at first day of classes
  • INCLUDED Free consultation about suitable college/university programs by a qualified consultant
  • INCLUDED Free local SIM card
  • INCLUDED Elearning platform

Videos & Photos

  • ABC College of English - School Presentation1/11
  • ABC College of English - Student Interviews2/11
  • ABC College of English - Student Interviews3/11
  • ABC College of English - Social Activities4/11
  • ABC College of English - Student Interviews5/11
  • ABC College of English - Student Interviews6/11
  • ABC College of English - Student Interviews7/11
  • ABC College of English - Student Interviews8/11
  • ABC College of English - Student Interviews9/11
  • ABC College of English - Student Interviews10/11
  • ABC College of English - Student Interviews11/11
  • Student Cafe
    Student Cafe1/42
  • 2/42
  • Student Residence - Communal kitchen
    Student Residence - Communal kitchen3/42
  • Student Residence - single room
    Student Residence - single room4/42
  • Student Activities - swimming in lake
    Student Activities - swimming in lake5/42
  • 6/42
  • Student Activity - Golf
    Student Activity - Golf7/42
  • Student Activity - Skiing
    Student Activity - Skiing8/42
  • Student Activity - Fireworks
    Student Activity - Fireworks9/42
  • Student Activities - hiking
    Student Activities - hiking10/42
  • Student Residence -
    Student Residence - 11/42
  • Student Residence - twin share room
    Student Residence - twin share room12/42
  • Student Residence - Kitchen
    Student Residence - Kitchen13/42
  • ABC Building
    ABC Building14/42
  • Student Residence - dining
    Student Residence - dining15/42
  • Students in class
    Students in class16/42
  • Student Activities - sports
    Student Activities - sports17/42
  • Student Residence -
    Student Residence - 18/42
  • Student Residence - lounge
    Student Residence - lounge19/42
  • 20/42
  • Student Residence - rooms - private bathroom/shower
    Student Residence - rooms - private bathroom/shower21/42
  • Student Activity - Bowling
    Student Activity - Bowling22/42
  • Student Residence - Games Room
    Student Residence - Games Room23/42
  • Student Activity - Picnic in the Garden
    Student Activity - Picnic in the Garden24/42
  • 25/42
  • Student Activity - Skiing
    Student Activity - Skiing26/42
  • Student Activities - hiking
    Student Activities - hiking27/42
  • Campus - Class Room
    Campus - Class Room28/42
  • Student Activities - swimming in lake
    Student Activities - swimming in lake29/42
  • Student Activities - hiking
    Student Activities - hiking30/42
  • Student Activities - badminton
    Student Activities - badminton31/42
  • Student Activities - ice skating
    Student Activities - ice skating32/42
  • Campus - Class Rooms
    Campus - Class Rooms33/42
  • Campus - Cafeteria
    Campus - Cafeteria34/42
  • Student Activities - Do you wanna build a snowman?
    Student Activities - Do you wanna build a snowman?35/42
  • Campus - Class Room
    Campus - Class Room36/42
  • Students having a picnic
    Students having a picnic37/42
  • 38/42
  • Student Activities - sky diving
    Student Activities - sky diving39/42
  • 40/42
  • 41/42
  • 42/42

ABC College of English (ABC)

“We welcome you to join us in this very special part of the world. We will support you to make the most of your time here and discover something new and exciting. Learn the language, Live like a local and Love it!”
Pauline Copland
Pauline Copland
Director of ABC College of English
Accreditations and Quality seals
Education NZEnglish New ZealandNZQAPreferential Terms in Case of Visa RefusalStudy Queenstown
English teacher qualifications
10% hold a university degree
100% hold a recognised language teaching qualification
Languages spoken by school staff (cannot be guaranteed by school)
First day of course
Written and oral level test is performed. Students should arrive at 9:00
Student gender mix
50% male / 50% female
Offer for returning students
You will be refunded/waived the school's administration fee If you already attended previously a course at ABC College of English and you book here.
Payment methods accepted for payments made directly to the school
Visa - logoMastercard - logoBank Transfer - logo

General school facilities

  • Cafeteria

  • Kitchen for student use

  • Microwave for student use

  • Computer lab

  • Library

  • Free after-class access to language learning software

  • Movie room

  • Lounge

  • Garden

  • Balcony / terrace

  • Student support desk

  • Copy machine

  • Printer for student use

  • Self-study areas

  • Free coffee

  • Free water dispenser

  • Free WIFI

  • Non-smoking (all indoor areas, but not all outdoor areas of school)

  • Smoking zones (outdoors)

  • Tourist information

  • Assistance with reservations for restaurants, bars, clubs

  • Assistance with organizing transportation

  • Laundry (paid)

  • Dry cleaning (paid)

  • Guidance for further higher education (free)

  • Internship placement guidance service (free)

  • Job placement guidance service (free)

  • Classroom equipment

    • TV in some classrooms

    • Air conditioning in all classrooms

    • Heating in all classrooms

    • Ample natural light in all classrooms

    Number of classrooms: 8
    Number of public PC workstations: 10
    Free parking (<500m)

    Facilities for disabled students

    • Wheelchair access to classroom

    • Accessible Toilet

    • Wheelchair access to reception

    • Wheelchair access to cafeteria

Student Age / Nationality

Average number of students
In summer: 25
Throughout the year: 25
Minimum age of students
18 years
Average number of levels
Adult courses In summer: 5
Adult courses Throughout the year: 5
Average age of students
In summer: 25 years
Throughout the year: 25 years

Top student nationalities

Age of students

Information for all courses offered by ABC College of English

Lesson duration
50 minutes
School's administrative fee
250.00 NZD
Course material
Generally course material has to be purchased by the student. The costs of course material will be approximately 70 NZD per course level.
Comments about courses

The course fees all include comprehensive placement tests, orientation programmes, English tuition, use of classroom equipment, self study materials, guidance and counseling service from the school, student email access and WiFi.

To borrow a course textbook the school asks for a deposit of NZD 80 (NZD 60 will be refunded when returned).

For Academic English there is an additional fee of NZD 120 for exam course material.

Exam fees are external and are set by the governing body.

Individual classes
Single individual lessons of tuition can be reserved at 95 NZD. The combination of group and individual lessons is highly recommended. Individual lessons will encourage you to actively speak the foreign language and will offer you the opportunity to discuss individual problems and weaknesses.
Days without class
In 2024 (including national and regional bank holidays):
01 Jan 2024, 02 Jan 2024, 06 Feb 2024, 25 Mar 2024, 01 Apr 2024, 25 Apr 2024, 28 Jun 2024, 28 Oct 2024, 16 Dec 2024 - 31 Dec 2024.
If a bank holiday falls on a weekday there is no refund nor are missed lessons recuperated. This is the case for the majority of language schools.
Level test
A test to assess your exact language level takes place at the school on the first day of the course.
Lessons needed per English language level
Level (CEFR) LESSONS needed per level WEEKS needed
(20 lessons per week)
A1 Beginner A1 to A2 80 4
A2 Elementary A2 to B1 160 8
B1 Intermediate B1 to B2 180 9
B2 Higher Intermediate B2 to C1 200 10
C1 Advanced C1 to C2 220 11
C2 Proficiency
Data above gives some guidance. For more details consult our page How long does it take to learn a language or reach a specific level.

Airport transfer

Queenstown Airport:
95 NZD one way
190 NZD return (both ways)
More information about airports around Queenstown and how to get from the airport to Queenstown on your own here on our Queenstown page.

Visa Documents

Nationals from New Zealand do not require a visa for travelling to New Zealand and attending a language course.
Check visa requirements for nationals from other countries.
Nationals from countries that require a visa will receive documents from the school, related to booking confirmation, which is required for the visa application.
Full payment of all fees required before school dispatches documents required for visa application
Preferential cancellation terms in case of visa refusal
School agreed that students booking online on this site will benefit from preferential cancellation fees in case of visa refusal, and in this case will never exceed EUR 180.

Leisure activities

activity possibledistance from school
Ballet2 km
Basketball7 km
Cricket0.5 km
Dancing2 km
Field Hockey0.5 km
Football (soccer)0.5 km
Golf12 km
Horse riding15 km
Ice Hockey2 km
Mountainbiking1 km
Rugby0.5 km
Skiing20 km
Squash1 km
Swimming7 km
Table Tennis-
Tennis2 km
Volleyball7 km
Windsurfing2 km
Yoga1 km

Examples of leisure activities organized by the school

Adults - Free activities

- Guided walking tours of Queenstown (by QRC students)
- The course fine dining lunch experience (by QRC Students)
- Job/Study/Conversation Clubs
- Hiking/bush walks.
- Volunteer Tree Planting
- Botanical Gardens.
- Swimming in the lake.
- Frisbee Golf.
- Biking (own bike)

Adults - Paid activities

- Intro to coffee making NZD 5
- Intro to mocktail/cocktail making NZD 10
- Wine tasting NZD 5
- Kiwi baking NZD 10
- Bungy Jump NZD 220 +
- Jet Boat NZD129 - NZD 279
- Gondola Ride NZD 46
- Gondola / luge NZD 73 - NZD 99
- Gondola / bike NZD 95 (6 uplifts) NZD 275 (3 day pass)
- Skydive NZD 299 - NZD 479
- Paragliding NZD 279
- Lake Cruise NZD 80
- Wine tour NZD 65.5 - NZD 79.50
- Golf (18 holes) NZD110 – NZD 150
- Horseback riding


Student Testimonial Videos

Note: The video testimonials of students from ABC College of English have been provided by the school and schools do not usually publish negative testimonials.


7 Coronation Dr - 9300 Queenstown
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Questions and answers about ABC College of English

  • Unfortunately not. As per our website all students need to be 18 years or older.
    Duncan, Adminstration from ABC College of English, Queenstown - Apr 18, 2024

FAQ about ABC College of English, Queenstown

  • English courses at ABC College of English start at 395 NZD for General English Course course with 20 lessons per week. When booking here you benefit from an exclusive discount.
  • The accommodation Homestay is the most popular among all our clients of ABC College of English
  • Yes. The school offers pickup from Queenstown Airport (95 NZD)
  • Depending on the chosen course, the maximum number of students at ABC College of English varies from 18 students (General English Course ) to 18 students (General English Course )
  • 10% of teachers at ABC College of English hold a university degree. 100% hold a recognized language teaching certificate.
  • The highest Nationality percentage at ABC College of English comes from Japan with a 20% representation, followed by students from Thailand (20%) and Brazil (16%).
  • Yes, there is an exclusive discount that only applies when booking online here.
  • ABC College of English offers courses from 18 years to 99. Average age is 25 during the summer and 25 for the rest of the year.

PDF brochure / price list of ABC College of English

General Brochure
General Brochure
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Prices (PDF)
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1.168 reviews
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Queenstown city attractiveness rated by our students:

Rating: 4.5/5.0

More information about Queenstown including climate data and events on our Queenstown page with a list of all 1 English schools in Queenstown.
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