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Hobson Centre, Béziers, France

6 rue Pierre FLOURENS - 34500 Béziers - see on map
Hobson Centre -

What we like about the school

  • The school specialises in a wide variety of sporting, gastronomic and cultural activities.
  • Unique activities offered such as Free fall simulator, rafting and jet-skiing.

Location: Lingualand is located in the historic district of the town centre of Béziers, moments away from several restaurants and eateries, supermarkets, shops, and the many other attractions found throughout the town's cobblestoned streets. With over 35 years of experience, Lingualand Béziers offers total immersion holiday-style packages, that are carefully constructed and delivered to the needs of each student. The school is also just a 7-minute walk from the Cathédrale Sanit-Nazaire.

Course selection: Lingualand Béziers has many varieties of French courses, suitable for all levels. If you are looking for French classes in small groups, privately, or in conjunction with local attractions and activities such as gastronomy, hiking, wine tasting or local history and culture, Lingualand is sure to have a course suitable for your needs. Arabic, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Portugues, Russian, Spanish and Turkish lessons are also available!

Social and Cultural: With over 30 sporting, gastronomic and cultural activities associated with the school, there is
something available for everyone. The school also has a "Tailor-made Package" allowing students to choose and adapt all activities and excursions to their needs and preferences, making sure your experience is exactly what you are looking for.

School facilities: Lingualand has excellent facilities including a cafeteria, computer lab, free Wi-Fi, free water and coffee, a fridge for student use as well as free after-class access to language
learning software.
  • The language school Hobson Centre was founded in Béziers, France in 1983.
  • Legal name / parent company: SARL HOBSON ACADEMYS
  • Tax registration ID: FR02910745736

French Courses

General Language
Language Plus Activity
Information for all courses offered by Hobson Centre
Comments about courses

If a public holiday falls during a week day the classes are maintained.

For the Aquatic package and the Nature package the courses can only take place during the summer.

Lesson duration
60 minutes
School's administrative fee
50.00 €
Level test
A test to assess your exact language level takes place before the start of the course via email.
Individual classes
Single individual lessons of tuition can be reserved at 40 €. The combination of group and individual lessons is highly recommended. Individual lessons will encourage you to actively speak the foreign language and will offer you the opportunity to discuss individual problems and weaknesses.
Days without class
In 2022 (including national and regional bank holidays):
01 Jan. 2022, 13 Apr. 2022, 01 May 2022, 08 May 2022, 21 May 2022, 01 Jun. 2022, 14 Jul. 2022, 15 Aug. 2022, 01 Nov. 2022, 11 Nov. 2022, 25 Dec. 2022.
Course material
Generally course material is distributed free to students and will stay in student property.

Our price includes

  • INCLUDED Organized activities
  • INCLUDED Free certificate of course attendance
  • INCLUDED Language level placement test at first day of classes
  • INCLUDED Language level placement test before arrival
Note: All courses offered by Hobson Centre, Béziers can be reserved online with LanguageCourse.Net. In case a course is not listed above, just let us know.