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inlingua Victoria College of Languages, Victoria, Canada

910 Government St. (Suite 101) - V8W 1X3 Victoria - see on map
From 67C$ 64C$
per week
inlingua Victoria College of Languages - Group lesson



Rating: 2.3/5.0

Overall school rating of inlingua Victoria College of Languages, Victoria
#1 of 6 English schools in Victoria
Location of the school

Rating: 4.7/5.0


Rating: 3.3/5.0

Social activities

Rating: 2.0/5.0


Rating: 3.3/5.0

Quality of teaching

Rating: 2.7/5.0

Value for money

Rating: 2.0/5.0

What we like about the school
  • Located on the Waterfront in beautiful Downtown Victoria
  • Lessons are for 70 minutes, much longer than in most schools.
  • Free assistance in applying to college/university programmes by a qualified consultant.
What we dislike about the school
  • Material fee is CAD 11.00 per week for printed materials.
How we create the points regarding what we like/dislike about a school

Location: Inlingua Victoria College of Languages is located in the heart of downtown Victoria, Canada, on the waterfront. The school´s contemporary and modern facilities are just minutes away from the Inner Harbour and China Town, surrounded by shops, restaurants and cafés. Many attractions such as art galleries, golf courses and Victoria's rather haunting Craigdarroch Castle, are all just a short drive away.

School facilities: The modern facilities of the school include several lounge areas with TVs and seating areas, a computer lab, free Wi-Fi, a library, a football/soccer pitch, a rooftop terrace, kitchen use with access to microwaves and fridges, a games room and free access to after-class language learning software. All classrooms receive natural light, creating a comfortable working environment for students.

Course selection: Inlingua Victoria College of Languages offers a wide variety of courses with varying schedules in the morning, afternoon and throughout the full day. IELTS Preparation courses and TESL Teacher Training programmes are also available, along with Junior programmes throughout the summer months which include lessons and activities, with the option of Homestay accommodation for minors also available. A long-term specialised Hospitality and Service Management Diploma programme suitable for those looking to further their careers in the sector is also available.

Accommodation: Inlingua Victoria College of Languages has fantastic Student Residence facilities, as well as many Homestay options for their adult students, making sure students receive the best in care whilst spending time at the school.
  • The language school inlingua Victoria College of Languages was founded in Victoria, Canada in 2012.
  • Legal name / parent company: Coastal International Language Institute
  • Tax registration ID: BC0934359
  • The school is an official exam center
    The following language examinations can be taken directly at the school:

English Courses

General Language
Online Courses
Work & Study
Exam Preparation
Specialty Courses

Information for all courses offered by inlingua Victoria College of Languages

Comments about courses

Student Service fee: CAD 25 (one time)
Medical insurance: CAD 16 per week or CAD 2.50 per day
Guardianship fee (under 18): CAD 150 (one time).
Guardianship Monitoring fee (under 18): (CAD 5 per week

Lesson duration
70 minutes
School's administrative fee
180.00 C$
Days without class
In 2023 (including national and regional bank holidays):
02 Jan. 2023, 20 Feb. 2023, 07 Apr. 2023, 22 May 2023, 01 Jul. 2023, 07 Aug. 2023, 04 Sep. 2023, 09 Oct. 2023, 11 Nov. 2023, 26 Dec. 2023 - 31 Dec. 2023.
If a bank holiday falls on a weekday there is no refund nor are missed lessons recuperated. This is the case for the majority of language schools.
Level test
A test to assess your exact language level takes place at the school on the first day of the course.

Lessons needed per English language level

Level (CEFR) LESSONS needed per level WEEKS needed
(20 lessons per week)
A1 Beginner A1 to A2 80 4
A2 Elementary A2 to B1 160 8
B1 Intermediate B1 to B2 180 9
B2 Higher Intermediate B2 to C1 200 10
C1 Advanced C1 to C2 220 11
C2 Profiency
Data above gives some guidance. For more details consult our page How long does it take to learn a language or reach a specific level.

Our price includes

  • INCLUDED Organized activities
  • INCLUDED Internet access and use of school computers
  • INCLUDED Wireless LAN zone at school
  • INCLUDED Free certificate of course attendance
  • INCLUDED Language level placement test at first day of classes
  • INCLUDED Language level placement test before arrival
  • INCLUDED For adult courses: a minimum of one free organized leisure activity per week
  • INCLUDED Free consultation about suitable college/university programs by a qualified consultant
  • INCLUDED Free assistance in applying to college/university programs by a qualified consultant
Note: All courses offered by inlingua Victoria College of Languages, Victoria can be reserved online with LanguageCourse.Net at a lower price than what you pay when booking directly at the school or at the school's website. In case a course is not listed above, just let us know.

Videos & Photos

  • inlingua Victoria College of Languages - Student Interviews1/1
  • Group lesson
    Group lesson1/48
  • All together now
    All together now2/48
  • Working together
    Working together3/48
  • Working hard
    Working hard4/48
  • Green spaces
    Green spaces5/48
  • Canadian flag
    Canadian flag6/48
  • Happy students
    Happy students 7/48
  • Students in Victoria
    Students in Victoria8/48
  • Friends for life
    Friends for life9/48
  • Sightseeing
  • Ice skating
    Ice skating11/48
  • Time for a break
    Time for a break12/48
  • Students and teachers
    Students and teachers13/48
  • Chatting
  • Outdoor activities
    Outdoor activities15/48
  • Student lounge
    Student lounge16/48
  • classroom
  • Inlingua Victoria College of Languages kitchen
    Inlingua Victoria College of Languages kitchen18/48
  • Kitchen
  • Excursion
  • Success
  • Computer room
    Computer room22/48
  • cafeteria
  • lounge
  • Beautiful views
    Beautiful views25/48
  • Exploring
  • Enjoying the sunshine
    Enjoying the sunshine27/48
  • outdoors
  • New group
    New group29/48
  • Nature
  • City excursion
    City excursion31/48
  • Musical performance
    Musical performance32/48
  • Mini golf
    Mini golf33/48
  • Tour bus
    Tour bus34/48
  • Admiring the view
    Admiring the view35/48
  • Playing volleyball
    Playing volleyball36/48
  • Playing sport
    Playing sport37/48
  • time to say goodbye
    time to say goodbye38/48
  • students
  • Playing guitar
    Playing guitar40/48
  • Conversation practise
    Conversation practise41/48
  • Rooftop terrace
    Rooftop terrace42/48
  • Lesson in progress
    Lesson in progress43/48
  • facilities
  • Student awards
    Student awards45/48
  • Guitar band
    Guitar band46/48
  • Seeing the city
    Seeing the city47/48
  • Group excursion
    Group excursion48/48

inlingua Victoria College of Languages

Accreditations and Quality seals
Languages CanadaPreferential Terms in Case of Visa RefusalEQA, PTIB, Edu Canada
English teacher qualifications
100% hold a university degree
90% hold a recognised language teaching qualification
Languages spoken by school staff (cannot be guaranteed by school)
First day of course
Written and oral level test is performed. Students should arrive at 8:45
Student gender mix
40% male / 60% female
Offer for returning students
You will be refunded/waived the school's administration fee If you already attended previously a course at inlingua Victoria College of Languages and you book here.
Payment methods accepted for payments made directly to the school
Visa - logoMastercard - logoTravellers Check - logoBank Transfer - logo

General school facilities

  • Kitchen for student use

  • Microwave for student use

  • Fridge for student use

  • Snack vending machine

  • Drink vending machine

  • Computer lab

  • Library

  • Movie rental

  • Free after-class access to language learning software

  • Movie room

  • Games room

  • Lounge

  • Garden

  • Rooftop terrace

  • Balcony / terrace

  • Student support desk

  • Copy machine

  • Printer for student use

  • Video game console

  • Soccer field / football pitch

  • Free water dispenser

  • Free WIFI

  • Non-smoking (all indoor areas, but not all outdoor areas of school)

  • Non-smoking (all indoor and all outdoor areas of school)

  • Tourist information

  • Facilities for islamic students

    • Available area to pray at the school

    • Arabic homestays available

  • Classroom equipment

    • TV in all classrooms

    • Air conditioning in all classrooms

    • Heating in all classrooms

    • Ample natural light in most classrooms

    Number of classrooms: 15
    Number of public PC workstations: 16

    Facilities for disabled students

    • Disabled car park

    • Wheelchair access to classroom

    • Accessible Toilet

    • Wheelchair access to reception

Student Age / Nationality

Average number of students
Adult courses - In summer: 150
Adult courses - Throughout the year: 100
Junior courses - In summer: 100
Junior courses - Throughout the year: 50
Minimum age of students
16 years
12 years for specific Junior courses
Average number of levels
Adult courses In summer: 10
Adult courses Throughout the year: 8
Junior courses In summer: 5
Junior courses Throughout the year: 5
Average age of students
In summer: 22 years
Throughout the year: 25 years

Top student nationalities

Age of students

Airport transfer

Victoria International Airport:
105 C$ one way
175 C$ return (both ways)
Best arrival airport is Victoria International Airport (YYJ).
More information about airports around Victoria and how to get from the airport to Victoria on your own here on our Victoria page.

Visa Documents

You can travel and study a language course for a limited number of hours a week just applying for the visa waiver programme online.
Check visa requirements for nationals from other countries.
Nationals from countries that require a visa will receive documents from the school, related to booking confirmation, which is required for the visa application.
Full payment of all fees required before school dispatches documents required for visa application
Free shipment via regular mail
Preferential cancellation terms in case of visa refusal
School agreed that students booking online on this site will benefit from preferential cancellation fees in case of visa refusal, and in this case will never exceed EUR 180.

Leisure activities

activity possible
Field Hockey
Football (soccer)
Horse riding
Ice Hockey
Table Tennis

Examples of leisure activities organized by the school

Adults - Free activities

Hiking Movie nights Whale watching Barbeques Swimming Soccer

Adults - Paid activities

Rock-climbing Kayaking Bowling Day trips to Vancouver Royals Hockey games at the arena Ski trips to Whistler and Mt. Washington Take A Two Hour Ocean Cruise on the inlingua Victoria Private Yacht – Coastal Dream


Ratings of inlingua Victoria College of Languages compared to ratings of all schools in Canada

 inlingua Victoria College of Languages VictoriaAverage of all other schools in Canada
Overall school rating2.3

Rating: 2.3/5.0


Rating: 4.2/5.0

Location of the school4.7

Rating: 4.7/5.0


Rating: 4.7/5.0


Rating: 3.3/5.0


Rating: 3.9/5.0

Social activities2.0

Rating: 2.0/5.0


Rating: 3.9/5.0


Rating: 3.3/5.0


Rating: 4.2/5.0

Quality of teaching2.7

Rating: 2.7/5.0


Rating: 4.2/5.0

Value for money2.0

Rating: 2.0/5.0


Rating: 3.9/5.0


Rating: 4.0/5.0


Rating: 4.1/5.0

Shared flat4.0

Rating: 4.0/5.0


Rating: 4.0/5.0

Student opinions about inlingua Victoria College of Languages, Victoria

What I liked most about the school was that all the people including the teachers were friendly and nice!
Insider tips about what future students should not miss: The school activities were not very interesting for me...
Overall rating

Rating: 4/5.0

Value for money

Rating: 4/5.0


Rating: 5/5.0

Facilities (library, classrooms)

Rating: 4/5.0

Quality of teaching / language progress

Rating: 5/5.0

School organization

Rating: 4/5.0

Social activities

Rating: 3/5.0


Rating: 4/5.0


Rating: 4/5.0

Shared Flat (apartment)

Rating: 4/5.0

Other comments: Thank you for this great time!
Course: Full Time General English Course + Summer Youth Camp (10-15 years) - 2 weeks
21. Jul. 2017

Student Testimonial Videos

Note: The video testimonials of students from inlingua Victoria College of Languages have been provided by the school and schools do not usually publish negative testimonials. For uncensored reviews read the comments from our students.


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  2. Global Village English Centre
  3. SSLC Sprott Shaw Language College
Victoria city attractiveness rated by our students:

Rating: 4.5/5.0

More information about Victoria including climate data and events on our Victoria page with a list of all 6 English schools in Victoria.

FAQ about inlingua Victoria College of Languages, Victoria

  • English courses at inlingua Victoria College of Languages start at 64 C$ for Online TESL Exam Preparation course with 25 lessons per week. When booking here you benefit from an exclusive discount.
  • The accommodation Adult Homestay is the most popular among all our clients of inlingua
  • Yes. The school offers pickup from Victoria International Airport (105 C$)
  • Depending on the chosen course, the maximum number of students at inlingua varies from 1 students (Private Lessons) to 16 students (Full Time General English)
  • 100% of teachers at inlingua Victoria College of Languages hold a university degree. 90% hold a recognized language teaching certificate.
  • The highest Nationality percentage at inlingua Victoria College of Languages comes from Japan with a 25% representation, followed by students from Brazil (15%) and Korea (15%).
  • Yes, there is an exclusive discount that only applies when booking online here.
  • inlingua Victoria College of Languages offers courses from 12 years (Summer Youth Camp, 20 lessons per week) to 99. Average age is 22 during the summer and 25 for the rest of the year.


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