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Hashimoto Koichi

Gyoda city is a small town on the north of Saitama prefecture, which is included in Greater Tokyo Area. Though it is a small town, it has a developed structure of public transportation, which allows you to move inside of the city or to Tokyo and surroundings without any difficulty. The small size allows Gyoda to keep traditionally Japanese lifestyle, so if you want to see Japan as it is, our city is perfect for you. Gyoda has become a place for several movies and TV-shows because of reach history of these lands: there is a castle, which was one of the few castles in this area, which have never surrendered, there are also many workshops of traditional closing like yukata, kimono, and especially tabi - special socks for Japanese traditional shoes. Also very November the biggest festival of fireworks in Japan is being held in close neighborhood of Gyoda city. Its' firework show have set into Guinness World Records.

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