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What our students said about Salerno

Rating: 5/5


Salerno feels safe and has a beautiful Old City. The beach closest to the school (Santa Teresa?) is ok, but a bit dirty and frequented by rather dodgy people. But there are nicer beaches to the east of the city center, and the beaches of the Amalfi coast can be easily reached by ferries ('traghetti') or by bus. The problem with the public buses is that they don't stick to the schedule, and especially in the evenings, there's a risk that they never show up (this happened to me and several other students at the Accademia Italiana in various places on the Amalfi coast).

Ute Anna

Rating: 4/5


A countryside town with a limited number of cultural activities. Museums are not interesting, but at least they are cheap or free. Some monuments are also free so you can spend a few days. It is surprisingly clean for a city in the South of Italy. But the city centre is not very well preserved. It is safe city and the natural environment is nice. If you want to move around, there are enough places to visit around.


Rating: 4/5


Salerno is a nice, well-organized town with very friendly people.


Most recent student reviews of language schools in Salerno

Rating: 3.5

3.5 | 2 reviews

The school was across the road from a beautiful park.
There were no social activities. Or if there were I wasn't aware of them. Due to there being only 1 other student there wasn't a social feel. The teachers, although they were lovely, were not very inclusive. The organisation and the reception aspect of the school was fantastic. However. Classes were very short during the morning 9:15/9:20 - 11:20/11:30. This meant I missed out on 5 additional hours for the week. Because of this I felt my learning was limited

25 May 2016
Course: Standard Italian Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 24 years


What school directors said about Salerno

Rosa Maria Riccelli

The ideal place to live a authentic experience where students can plunge in the Italian life & have real contact with Italian people

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