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  • 1TrueNZ4.24.2/5.04 จำนวนโหวต1963 ยอดนิยม

    Tourist accommodation, activities, services and information. Specializes in the Marlborough region but also has a NZ wide farmstay and backpacker directory.
  • 2New Zealand Visitors Bureau4.04.0/5.03 จำนวนโหวต3070 ยอดนิยม

    A New Zealand holiday rewards all types of travellers. To see how you can reward yourself, visit us.
  • 3New Zealand Travel Pass Coach, Rail, Ferry and Air Travel4.04.0/5.01 จำนวนโหวต1462 ยอดนิยม

    Unlimited luxury motorcoach travel throughout New Zealand for 100% independent travellers - includes Interislander ferry, rail and air travel as well.
  • 4100% Pure New Zealand3.93.9/5.06 จำนวนโหวต2252 ยอดนิยม

    The official site for New Zealand includes an extensive database of visitor information and forums. The definitive resource for visitors.
  • 5Australia New Zealand Central Reservations Office3.83.8/5.02 จำนวนโหวต1862 ยอดนิยม

    Large selection of NZ travel products and information mainly for visitors from the UK (priced in GBP)
  • 6Virtual New Zealand3.63.6/5.026 จำนวนโหวต2489 ยอดนิยม

    A multimedia tour of New Zealand. View photos, slide shows, sounds, information and useful links.
  • 7NZ South2.82.8/5.04 จำนวนโหวต1976 ยอดนิยม

    Agriculture, fishing, wilderness, tourist services and accommodation information for the southern South Island.
  • 8AA New Zealand Travel Guides2.72.7/5.09 จำนวนโหวต3715 ยอดนิยม

    Some of the largest and most authoritative New Zealand accommodation and activities guides on the Internet.
  • 9Travel Envoy2.32.3/5.02 จำนวนโหวต1406 ยอดนิยม

    Lots of links for tourists visiting New Zealand.
  • 10New Zealand Tourism Online2.12.1/5.05 จำนวนโหวต1875 ยอดนิยม

    Network of high-quality New Zealand travel sites, with free competitions and special offers.
  • 11New Zealand Vacation Guide1.51.5/5.01 จำนวนโหวต1051 ยอดนิยม

    A collection of products and services including nationwide accommodation, self drive rental vehicles, scheduled coach services, travel passes, sightseeing and attractions.
  • 12New Zealand Encounters Ltd1.31.3/5.02 จำนวนโหวต1059 ยอดนิยม

    Useful visitor information provided by this tour company.
  • 13NZOOM - New Zealand Travel Services & Information0.50.5/5.01 จำนวนโหวต1182 ยอดนิยม

    New Zealand travel information site with online booking, travel news, accommodation, special deals, NZ destinations, international destinations, cruise holidays, transport information, exchange rates and many more travel tools and services.
  • 14Twincoast Highway0.00.0/5.00 จำนวนโหวต1027 ยอดนิยม

    Information about the Twin Coast Highway, a scenic round trip from Auckland including Northland and the Bay of Islands
  • 15Travelhops.com0.00.0/5.00 จำนวนโหวต1232 ยอดนิยม

    Travel search engine featuring accommodation, transportation, information and things to see and do.
  • 16Jasons New Zealand Travel Channel0.00.0/5.00 จำนวนโหวต1057 ยอดนิยม

    Vacation planning guide with searchable accommodation, visitor attractions, adventure activities and events directories plus photos, maps, transport and the latest hot deals. Developed by Jasons Travel Media.
  • 17Women Travel New Zealand0.00.0/5.00 จำนวนโหวต999 ยอดนิยม

    Accommodation, adventures, retreats and other essential information for the women traveller.
  • 18New Zealand Travel Guide0.00.0/5.00 จำนวนโหวต1058 ยอดนิยม

    Also the web site of Downtown Car Rentals, a rental car company. Site features introduction to New Zealand, general information, getting in and getting around, the regions, accommodation and other useful links.
  • 19New Zealand Travel Planner0.00.0/5.00 จำนวนโหวต1046 ยอดนิยม

    Comprehensive New Zealand travel information for planning your NZ vacation - accommodation, transport, adventure activities, tours & sightseeing directories.
  • 20Adventure New Zealand0.00.0/5.00 จำนวนโหวต975 ยอดนิยม

    City Guide for New Zealand including Christchurch

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