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Origin of : Modern Thai originates from Old Thai, which over time has undergone significant changes in consonants and tones. It has also been heavily influenced by other languages such as Sanskrit, Pali, Mon and Old Khmer.It is a tonal language, just like Chinese, and the orthography is considered quite complex in comparison to many other languages. 

Regional differences: There are several Thai languages and dialects, but Central Thai is the one used in official situations and in the media. In the Northern part of the region the dialects are very melodic, with a lot of intonation. The people in the South tend to speak faster, contracting words and sentences, in contrast to Central Thai which is spoken and pronounced as it is written.  

Language family: Kra–Dai

Native speakers: 36 million worldwide

Major dialects: Central Plains Thai,  Capital Core Thai,  Upper Central Thai,  Southwestern Thai,  Khorat Thai.

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