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Most Popular Cities for Turkish courses

Rating: 4.8

(106 reviews)
Top Destinations: Istanbul (city thumbnail)

Rating: 4.7

(42 reviews)
Top Destinations: Antalya (city thumbnail)

Rating: 4.4

(41 reviews)
Top Destinations: Izmir (city thumbnail)

Most Popular Language Schools for Turkish courses

Royal Turkish Education Center
#1 Royal Turkish Education Center
Istanbul, Turkey

Rating: 4.7

| 35 reviews
Babil Language School
#2 Babil Language School
Antalya, Turkey

Rating: 4.3

| 38 reviews
Royal Turkish Education Center
#3 Royal Turkish Education Center
Izmir, Turkey

Rating: 4.3

| 22 reviews

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Key facts about Turkish

Origin of Turkish: Turkish stems from Old Turkic, a written and spoken language first found on the Orkhon inscriptions in Mongolia. It was not until the Early Middle Ages that we can see Turkic languages spread across Central Asia, all the way to Siberia, Europe and the Mediterranean, where it developed to the Turkish we know today.  
Regional differences: Although the Turkish language has been more and more standardized since the 1930s, mainly because of the standardized education system and the influence of the media, many dialects remain. Most speakers have no trouble understanding the dialects and the difference is in pronunciation rather than vocabulary and grammar. However, you will find vowel changes quite frequently when you move between the regions!
Language family: Turkic
Native speakers: 75.7 million worldwide
Major dialects: Rumelice (spoken by immigrants from Rumelia), Kıbrıs Türkçesi (Cypriot Turkish), Edirne, Ege (Aegean region and Antalya), Balkan Gagauz (spoken by Yuruk nomads).
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