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ShanghaiRanking Consultancy

Published: August, 2018

Criteria used in ranking:
Staff winning research prizes 20.0%
Research paper publications 20.0%
Per capita academic performance 10.0%
Alumni winning research prizes 10.0%
Citations 40.0%
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The Financial Times Limited 2017, UK

Published: January, 2018

Criteria used in ranking:
Women on board 1.0%
Weighted salary 20.0%
Value for money 3.0%
Salary increase 20.0%
Phd graduates 5.0%
Languages 1.0%
International students 4.0%
International mobility 6.0%
International faculty 4.0%
International course experience 3.0%
International board 2.0%
Ft research rank 10.0%
Female students 2.0%
Female faculty 2.0%
Faculty with doctorates 5.0%
Employed at three months 2.0%
Career progress 3.0%
Careers service 2.0%
Alumni recommend 2.0%
Aims achieved 3.0%
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Nature Index

Published: March, 2018

Criteria used in ranking:
Weighted fractional count (wfc)
Fractional count (fc)
Article count (ac)
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British Quacquarelli Symonds, UK

Published: June, 2018

Criteria used in ranking:
International student ratio 10.0%
International faculty ratio 10.0%
Faculty/student ratio 20.0%
Employer reputation 10.0%
Citations per faculty 20.0%
Academic reputation 40.0%
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Thomson Reuters

Published: October, 2018

Criteria used in ranking:
Total web of science core collection papers 11.0%
Percent of industry collaborative articles 11.0%
Patent volume 33.0%
Patent citations 34.0%
Industry article citation impact 11.0%
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Scimago Institutions

Published: July, 2018

Criteria used in ranking:
Output: 8.0%
Normalized impact: 13.0%
Innovative knowledge: 25.0%
Excellence with leadership: 13.0%
Domain's inbound links: 15.0%
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THE Times Higher Education, UK

Published: September, 2017

Criteria used in ranking:
Teaching 30.0%
Research (volume, income and reputation)
International outlook (staff, students, research): 7.5%
Industry income (knowledge transfer)
Citations 30.0%
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Published: January, 2019

Criteria used in ranking:
Visibility (external links): 50.0%
Size (web pages): 20.0%
Scholar: 15.0%
Rich files: 15.0%
Ranking primarily based on the metrics of universities websites, such as number of links to website or number pages on website.
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