Visa Information
Passport requirements

All nationals require a valid passport.

Mentioned validity: after visa expires. Valid 10-year passport required by all. Whilst in the country, visitors must carry ID at all times.

Visa requirements
Who does not require a visa?
Nationals of the following countries do not require a visa when entering as a tourist:


Required documents for visa application
Tourist Visa:
  • Application form
  • 1 Passport-size photo
  • Valid passport with 1 full blank page
  • Proof of purpose of visit
  • Visa fee payment
  • Insurance
Tourist: a) original tourist voucher issued by an authorised travel company stating their reference number, passenger names, dates of entry and exit, confirmation of payment, full itinerary, places to be visited, means of transportation and confirmation in Russian language. The voucher should be stamped and signed by an authorised person.
Validity of Visa
  • Tourist Visa: 30 days.
Costs of Visa
  • Student Visa: 36 EUR
If visa is processed in minimum 8 working days. (Processing within 3 to 5 days costs € 80; next-day processing 106; same-day processing € 120).
Time required to issue visa
  • Tourist Visa: 1 to 12 days
Depending on type of visa. Postal applications take at least 8 to 12 days to process.
Embassy contact information
  • Embassy of Russia in England UK: 
  • Embassy of Russia in USA: 
  • Embassy of Russia in Australia: 
  • Embassy of Russia in Canada: 

All information on this page has been carefully investigated. However visa requirements change frequently and the information is provided without any guarantee.
Before departure it is recommended to check the website of the embassy. For further questions regarding visa requirements contact directly the embassy of Russia in your country.
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