Learn English & Golf in New Zealand

Attend a language course while practicing golf.
Overall rating of listed schools in New Zealand: 5.0/5.0  (1 review)
1 language school in New Zealand offering English & Golf courses, ranging from 3430 USD to 3430 USD for a 2 weeks English course including accommodation.


5.0/5.0  (1 review Auckland)
4.3/5.0  (161 reviews worldwide)

Price (2 weeks):

3430 USD 5% discount on tuition fee of all courses  offered by Study & Live in your Teacher's Home,  only when booking your English course online at this website =
3430 USD English and Golf (English Course - 10 lessons per week - 60 minutes per lesson)
+ 0 USD Course price includes accommodation
Max. students per class: 1
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