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The school is situated in the historical city centre of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's native city, just beyond the gates of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Europe. The main sights, historic buildings and churches, as well as the daily green market are in front of the... More

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Located in the historic city centre, the school provides an excellent learning atmosphere. More

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Over 2000 qualified teachers in 30 countries all over the world are associated with the school organisation. 'Study & Live in your Teacher's Home' offers you the unique opportunity for a full immersion experience. The most common criticism of language courses is that students... More

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The School is situated in the very center of Vienna close to the main sights and attractions. More

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Key Facts about Austria

Population: 8,205,000 Inhabitants

Capital: Vienna

Currency: EUR (1 EUR = 1.1230 USD)

Austria Quality of Life Rating:
4.8/5.0  (68 reviews by our former students)

Austria:  Austria is a fantastic place for winter breaks, with perfect skiing conditions, but also a lovely country during the summer to go hiking, mountain biking or swimming in it's numerous lakes. Austria flaunts its heritage in exuberant fashion. Visit Vienna's grandiose Habsburg palaces, Roman archaeological sites at Carnuntum and medieval festivals. In Austria, you will not need to search hard for culture, it waltzes right up to you. More German courses are offered in Germany, Switzerland or list all language schools worldwide offering German courses.

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