Private English Classes in Brighton, England UK

Brighton - One-to-One
Individual English lessons are ideal to practice your speaking skills and to adapt to your needs. You may also want to consider the private immersion language programs in Brighton, England UK to learn English in the home of the teacher.
Overall rating of listed schools in Brighton: 4.0/5.0  (119 reviews)
1 language school in Brighton offering One-to-One courses, ranging from 8500 GBP to 8500 GBP for a 2 weeks English course including accommodation.


4.0/5.0  (42 reviews)

Price (2 weeks):

8500 GBP 5% discount on tuition fee of all courses  offered by LSI - Language Studies International,  only when booking your English course online at this website =
8200 GBP 9 Day Compact Course (English Course - 82 lessons per week)
+ 230 GBP Homestay, Single room, Breakfast
+ 70 GBP School's administrative fee
Max. students per class: 1
Required min. language level: Elementary (A2)
Starting dates: Every Monday

9 Day Compact Course:
Course starts every Saturday: 82 lessons over 9 consecutive days. Also available with 92 lessons (£4600).
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