Queenstown - Cambridge Advanced Certificate
1 language school in Queenstown offering Cambridge Advanced Certificate courses from
for a 4 week English course.

These English language courses are tailored to prepare you for the Cambridge Advanced Certificate exam.
More preparation courses for other Cambridge exam language levels also available in Queenstown, New Zealand:

Overall rating of listed schools in Queenstown:
4.4/5.0 (7 reviews)
School Size:
Lessons per week: 25
Max. students per class: 14
Required language level: Advanced (C1)
Starting dates: 13.Mar.2017, 05.Jun.2017, 18.Sep.2017
Average examination results: 95% Cambridge Advanced Certificate
Exam dates: 10.Mar.2017, 03.Jun.2017, 25.Aug.2017, 09.Dec.2017

09.01: 9-week course
13.03: 12-week course
05.06: 12-week course
18.09: 12-week course
Exam and material fees included.
Oral exam: 04.03, 27.05, 26.08, 02.12.

General facts about English for Speakers of Other Languages / ESOL by Pitman

The test English for Speakers of another Language / ESOL by Pitman is less recognized, but it can be taken at random dates at your school. We would like to advise you to have a look at the other english language exams which are accredited much more. The ESOL by Pitmann test is offered in the following variations:

Examination fees

Fees vary depending on the examination centre.


Preliminary (A1 Breakthrough)
Access (A2 Waystage)
Achiever (B1 Threshold)
Expert (C1 Effective Operational Proficiency)
Mastery C2 Mastery
Based on Common European Framework: A1 - C2

Examination dates

Dates vary depending on the examination centre

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Map with location of English schools in Queenstown

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