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Dublin - English Teacher Training
3 language schools in Dublin offering English Teacher Training courses, ranging from
for a 2 week English course including accommodation.

English language training courses to acquire an accredited certification as a language teacher. See also General Business Group Classes in Dublin, Ireland for any profession.

Overall rating of listed schools in Dublin:
4.2/5.0 (453 reviews)
School Size:
Lessons per week: 20
Max. students per class: 18
Required language level: Advanced (C1)
Starting dates: 01.Aug.2016, 15.Aug.2016, 17.Oct.2016

OTC01: General Methodology (2 weeks) 21st March, 4th July OTC02 : Literature (2 weeks) 18th July OTC03 : CLIL (2 weeks) 28th March; 18th July; 15th August, 17th October OTC04 : Technology (2 weeks) 28th March; 1st August; 17th October OTC04A : Technology (1 week) 21st March; 20th June; 5th September OTC05 : Team Building (1 week) 22nd February; 21st March OTC06 : PE Teachers (1 week) 22nd February OTC07 : Project Based Learning (1 week) 29th August (Extra group programmes by arrangement)
School Size:
Lessons per week: 25
Max. students per class: 16
Required language level: Upper intermediate (B2)
Starting dates: 02.Aug.2016, 15.Aug.2016, 29.Aug.2016 - 09.Sep.2016

For non-native English Teachers. Course includes:
10 hours/week devoted to language usage, awareness and development.
10 hours/week dedicated to the exploration of methodologies.
Afternoon schedule of Lectures and Visits.
School Size:
Lessons per week: 20
Max. students per class: 15
Required language level: Upper intermediate (B2)
Starting dates: 10.Aug.2016, 05.Oct.2016, 19.Oct.2016

This course is recognised by the European Commission. PIC Code: 945689764
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