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Rating: 4.8

4.85 reviews

Rating: 4.6

Quality of teaching

Rating: 4.7

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The school is right on the beach. The town center, shops, surf schools and restaurants are just a very short walk away.  More

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What our students said about Samara

Rating: 5/5


Samara is very nice compared to San Jose: there are no barbed wires around the houses. Still it would not be wise to wander around night time.


Key Facts about Samara

Samara: Samara Beach offers a laid-back vibe and beautiful beach setting appealing to just about any visitor. Its not crowded, its not loud, its not in your face and it has all the comforts that you might enjoy while on holidays. There is a good selection of restaurants, cute boutiques, yoga retreats and an abundance of tours and activities. On the surface it's just a laid-back beach town where the sea is calm and beautiful. It's not spectacular, its low-key and mellow. Be careful, many people living here now only came visiting on vacation, but the longer you stay the less likely it is that you´ll leave.

Population: 2,000

Time zone: +4h. (GMT -6)

Region: Guanacaste,

Currency: CRC (1 CRC = 0.0017 USD)

Samara quality of life rating:

Rating: 3.8

3.8 (5 reviews by our former students)

Visa: Nationals from USA do not require a visa to study short term courses up to 90 days. Check visa requirements for nationals from other countries.

universities: 11 (rankings of universities in Samara)

High season: January

Low season: April

Average course price per week (High season): 767 AU$

Average course price per week (Low season): 273 US$

Cost of Living:

* 100 = prices in New York

  • Student price index excluding rent:43* (57% cheaper than New York)
  • Student price index including rent:28* (72% cheaper than New York)
  • Price index food only:35* (65% cheaper than New York)
  • Big Mac price (Costa Rica average):2,375.55 CRC (31% cheaper than in USA)
Mains electricity:
  • Plug Type A
  • Plug Type B
  • Residential voltage: 120 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz

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