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Trust & Safety

Numerous measures have been taken to make the use of our service safe:
  1. Technical
    1. Secure transmission of all data via https protocol, encrypted via a 256-bit Comodo certificate.
    2. Credit card details are neither processed nor saved on our server, but are processed on the site of the payment provider Redsys, audited by the highest PCI-DSS standards applicable for payment providers. No person at our organization will be able to see the full credit card number that you submitted online.
    3. Our web server is accredited as PCI compliant by the external audit company Security Metrics and far exceeds the stipulated security levels as defined by PCI-DSS. Periodic vulnerability scans of our servers are performed.
  2. Organizational
    1. GDPR certified: Company has been audited by external auditor Grupo Ático34 and has been certified as compliant with GDPR regulations. Our staff is trained on GDPR compliance and in providing outstanding service.
    2. Hundreds of reviews of our service at external review sites such as trustpilot, google maps and facebook.
    3. Experience: Our company has already been operating for over 20 years in the market and has served over 50 000 clients.
    4. Lowest price guarantee: Clients booking through our website benefit from our lowest price guarantee and can rest assured that they pay the lowest price possible.
    5. Preferential cancellation and change terms: Clients benefit from favourable cancellation and change terms that we have negotiated with our partner schools. We never charge any additional change fees from our side.
  3. Partner schools
    1. Accreditations: Partner schools have been accredited by a large number of language school associations and accreditation bodies such as English UK, ALTO, British Council, Instituto Cervantes and many more. For each school we indicate which accreditation the school possesses and give details on the accreditation. For more information see our overview of accreditations and associations.
    2. Over 19 000 reviews from former students are published in accordance with our review policies in a transparent way on our site, so that you can trust and guide your choice of course based on these reviews.
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