Refund Guarantee

We have negotiated preferential cancellation terms with the schools, that apply exclusively to our clients.

Free Cancellation

Many of our schools have agreed to provide to our clients a full refund of all tuition fees until a certain number of days before the start of the course. For all schools for which the Free Cancellation policy applies it is indicated in the school page on our site exactly until how many days before the start of the course clients will receive a full refund.

For which schools applies the Free Cancellation guarantee?

Qualifying schools are marked with FREE cancellation in the course price calculator and on other parts of the website.

Until how many days before the start of the course can I cancel for free?

This depends on both the school and the course. You find next to each course in the school page the information until how many days before the start of the course you can cancel for free.

How will you arrange the refund and how long does it take?

The refund will be arranged with the same payment method with which you originally paid to us. Refunds are arranged within 2 weeks.

Will you keep any bank fees or other fees for bookings under the Free Cancellation guarantee?

We will cover any bank fees charged by our bank or related credit card fees.

Visa Rejection - Preferential Refund Conditions

In case you will not be able to attend the language course because your visa application was rejected you benefit from the following preferential refund guarantees. These apply for all schools presented on our website.

If a client is forced to cancel the course due to visa denial after a timely visa application, all payments and deposits made to us will be returned to the student. We will not retain any fees from our part. Schools had to contractually agree with us that they will charge in such cases to our clients never anything beyond a maximum 180 EUR for banking and administration fees. The client will need to present a document demonstrating the visa rejection at least 3 weeks before the start of the course or accommodation stay.

Refund in other cases

In all other cases where cancellation is not falling under the free cancellation policy and is not visa related the general cancellation and refund policies apply. However for over 90% of our listed schools we offer our clients free changes and you can avoid any cancellation fees simply by notifying us up to 10 days before the start of the course of changing the starting date of your course or sending another person to attend your course at the same or another date.

Free Changes

For over 90% of our listed schools we can offer our clients free changes. Qualifying schools are marked in the course price calculator and in other parts of the website with FREE changes. If you book with us you can change your course, or starting dates free of charge up to 10 days before the start of the course. We will take care of the change fees that the schools would normally apply. For accommodation we can nearly always have the change fees waived for you. Contrary to other booking platforms we will never charge a change fee to a client from our side.

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