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Back in 1999, founder Daniel Spohn was looking for a language school in Barcelona. Frustrated with the time-consuming process of comparing unclear offers from agencies and printed school brochures, he ventured on the idea of creating a tool to facilitate this process, to assist other potential students in choosing the best course and school. 

LanguageCourse.Net was born. As an independent website, our main aim is to provide you with the right information so that you can make a much better decision while saving time and money. How do we do this?:

  • selecting the most recognised, accredited language schools in each city worldwide
  • providing all relevant course information, complete and detailed, in one compact area
  • providing a forum of uncensored hands-on experience reports from a large number of former course participants
  • identifying the schools which fulfill particular personal requirements, and offering a complete, transparent price and quality comparison of those schools within a few seconds.

Free Online Learning Tools:
It is our intention to build innovative world-class learning tools and make them available for free. Our tools should be fun to use and at the same time allow learners to make most progress in the least possible time applying the latest academic research on learning. Build and refresh your vocabulary in over 30 languages in record time with no stress and at your own pace.


Today LanguageCourse.Net has posibly become the most visited independent website on language courses, and one of the leading language course agencies in the world. On top of providing a transparent comparison of more than 5000 language courses in over 50 countries, LanguageCourse.Net offers a FREE enrolment service and guarantees that clients pay the lowest prices.

LanguageCourse.Net has received various awards and much positive feedback from the press. It's administrative headquarters are located in the dynamic centre of Barcelona.

Our Team - What we do for you

Our interrnational support team- selected for their extensive language travel experience- comes from a wide variety of international backgrounds. You can choose to talk with native speakers in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Swedish and Catalan. 

We know how stressful it can be to arrange a course and accommodation abroad, especially if you are still not confident in your destination's language. We will liaise with the school for you and provide you with the right support and advice from the moment you start thinking about going abroad on a course, all the way through until after you finish your course.

Contact us and we will assist you choosing the best school and guide you through the booking process, so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Over 40,000 students already trusted in our service. Let us help you choose the right school for your next language course.



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