Our optional international insurance packages provide peace of mind in case of medical emergencies, accidents and theft during your language course trip abroad. In the booking form of your language course you can indicate whether you wish to contract insurance. Contrary to some other travel insurance options, these packages provide very extensive coverage for costs up to 1 million EUR.
You can choose between an insurance package with or without cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance will also cover any cancellation expenses in case you fail an exam at your university and cannot attend the language course because of having to repeat an exam.


Insurance package 1 (without cancellation insurance):

Travel Health/Accident & Baggage and Third Party Liability.
18,54 EUR per week standard rate worldwide
10,30 per week reduced rate for European citizens travelling to a country in the EU
There is a 50% supplement on this rate for people of 40 years of age or older.

Insurance package 2 (including cancellation insurance):

Only available for European students.
Travel Health/Accident & Baggage and Third Party Liability & Cancellation
Cost of insurance package 1 plus following additional costs for cancellations:
Costs of course/accommodation contracted with usInsurance rate
Up to 500€31,30€

Insurance package 3

Travel Health/Accident & Baggage and Third Party Liability.
Required for non Europeans traveling outside Europe.
This insurance is valid worldwide except in your country of usual residence.
US$ 30.24 per week (US$ 4,32 per day) for travelling periods up to 150 days or US$ 41.08 per week for longer periods.
A supplement rate for people of 40 years of age or older will apply.


Main coverages for insurance packages 1 & 2:
Travel Health/Accident
Hospitalization abroad1.000.000€
Medical costs abroad other than hospitalization1.000.000€
Repatriation of policy holder to their home countryCosts are covered
Travel tickets for 1-2 of the policy holder’s family members in the event of extended hospitalization. 1.400 EUR if hospitalization > 3 days
2.800 EUR if hospitalization > 7 days (2 people)
Early return of the policy holder in the event of hospitalization or death of a family memberOne-way ticket (economy) for trips < 5 months
Return ticket (economy) for trips > 5 months
Search & rescue costs2.000 EUR per policy holder, up to 15.000 EUR per event.
Permanent disability benefitUp to 100.000 EUR
Legal assistance abroad3.000€
These are the most important coverages. For the full list of coverages refer to terms of travel insurance .
Baggage loss, theft or damageMax. 3.000 EUR per policy holder with max. 350 EUR per item and max. 700 EUR for valuables.
Baggage delayed over 24hMax. 200 EUR per person
Third Party Liability
(covering unintentional damage you may do to others or their property)
Private civil liability abroadMaximum physical injury liability: 1.000.000 EUR
Maximum property liability: 500.000 EUR
Legal assistance included
Cancellations for the following reasons:
  • Illness, accident, hospitalization, death
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Medical contraindications
  • Redundancy on economic grounds
  • Summons to court
  • Summons to a university exam resit
  • Grade repetition or academic failure
  • Urgent medical appointment
  • Destruction or theft from professional or private premises
  • New job or training course
  • Professional transfer or denial of leave dates by the employer
  • Denial of a tourist visa application
  • Theft of an identification document or passport
  • Serious damage to your vehicle
  • Cancellation for the person accompanying the policy holder
Coverage of costs up to max. of total costs of your insured trip.
Refund of the unused land-based services in the event of a medical repatriation or an early return
Up to max. 75% costs of your insured trip.
For further details please refer to the terms of travel insurance and the terms of the cancellation insurance.


Main coverages for insurance package 3:
Transportation expenses
Ambulance expensesUnlimited
Medical evacuation assistanceUnlimited
Repatriation of remainsUnlimited
Cost of lodging
Emergency Return Transportation to Participant's Home
Travel expenses accident /life-threatening illness parentUnlimited
Emergency medical reunion in case of hospitalization of the insured+ 3 days US$ 2,000 / + 7 days US$ 4,000
Baggage & Personal Effects BenefitUS$ 3,000
Maximum compensation per itemUS$ 500
Maximum compensation for "theft prone" propertyUS$ 1,000
For further details please refer to the terms of travel insurance.
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